Friday, August 17, 2018

A Scholarship for Kayle

Done with High School...Whats next?
Dreaming of a future

We sat on the couch at my parent’s house in California having a family meeting about a month ago. Kayle expressed interest in a school in Salem, Oregon called Corban University. She had looked into Corban after being exposed to the school through a travelling group called the Silver Ring Thing, an abstinence program that reaches out to high schoolers.  She liked what she saw, but originally thought it would be too much money, too hard to get in, and too little time to make it all happen. She was overwhelmed and thought a gap year would be an easier option.
A beautiful campus
Obstacles seem to steer us down various paths. We all have a choice to allow those obstacles to move us in a good direction or allow them to keep us in a place of discontent.
Teri and I are committed to our kids. We have become so close due to our time on the mission field. It has been a necessity. We cry often, laugh even more, and when it’s time to support each other, we have a strong system. As Kayle continued to hint at the idea of Corban, we jumped on board.
Corban University has a strong Christian tradition
It was late at night as we hung out as a family. Kayle again mentioned Corban and possibly attending school in the fall. Teri and I both understood that school was heavy on Kayle’s mind. We decided to take a road trip the next day to check out Corban University. Salem, Oregon is about seven to eight hours away from where we were, so Teri booked a hotel for the following night. We left for Salem the next morning in search of where God may be leading our precious Kayle.
We arrived and were greeted by some super helpful people. They welcomed us with open arms. The campus tour was perfect as it started a dreaming process in Kayle’s mind. The seed was planted. By the time the tour was over, she was ready to enroll.
As for Kayle, she has chosen to take on the challenge of attending school this fall. What a mountain of obstacles! A month before classes start, Kayle hadn’t taken her SAT(and the next available date was after school begins), we have no idea how to pay for it, and Kayle would have to do most of it on her own as we had tickets to fly back to Peru at the beginning of August.
The campus is full of scriptural wisdom
With a lot of scrambling, late night paperwork and financial aid forms, Kayle has an acceptance letter. She will be attending Corban University this fall.  We have no idea how it will all work out, but as with so many things in our lives, we stepped out in faith and found ourselves vulnerable once again. It’s an exciting place to be, but not very easy.
The biggest obstacle is financial aid. After we have scoured all the grants, scholarships, and loans, we have found ourselves a bit short. Thanks to Kayle’s good grades, she has received a lot of help, but there is a $9,800 shortfall for the year.
I am asking that you prayerfully and financially invest into Kayle and her future.  The best way to help is to make a tax deductible donation to our mission organization (in fact, there is a matching scholarship through the school if CTEN sends money for Kayle). You can either go online at or contact by phone at (800) 872-5404(Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm CST).
Mail in donations work as well by sending a check made out to Commission to Every Nation with a note that explains the donation is for the Englund Family (Kayle College).
Commission To Every Nation
P.O. Box 291307

Kerrville, TX 78029-1307

We are so thankful to have you in our lives. We are sorry that we were not able to connect with all of you on our recent trip to the US. Please stay in tune as we have a lot of exciting things to share in the near future.

In His hands,
The Englund Family

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