Friday, May 18, 2018

Another Milestone

Another chapter begins...
A Beautiful Graduate!

Well, it's time for another milestone in our lives...As many of you know, our oldest daughter, Kayle, moved back to the US to finish off her final year of high school in California. Now it's time for her to complete that chapter. Graduation is just around the corner. We are so proud of Kayle and the young woman she has become. She has not lived an easy life, but one that has been filled with lots of awesome experiences. We plan on being the proud parents at the ceremony, taking pictures and giving a big whoop and holler when they announce her name.  Since Kayle's time in the US, we have adapted our lives to manage with three of us in the house. We have certainly missed the silly little antics of Kayle, and her "big sister" gift of helping, but also so excited that Kayle reaches the end of another chapter of life.
We are looking forward to spending some time in the US visiting family and friends, taking a break from our lives on the field for a short spell, and maybe get a little time to chill(if that term can be used in a California summer context).

On the mission front, we have had a good year. MotoMission is going strong. In fact, I have somehow managed to pack one of our busiest months ever into the few days just before our departure. I hope my body can handle it.  It's fun and super exciting, but it certainly takes its toll. We continue to support the children's project in Cusco, and are blessed each time we can be part of the awesome work they do for the kids in the neighborhood.
Also, many of you know that I have been working on a documentary film project that I hope to debut during the summer while in the US.  I am in the process of finishing the final touches on the film. Currently, a focus group is looking over the film to make sure the content makes sense and the story is solid. Then it's off to the film festival scene. I have included the film trailer to tease you a bit. I hope you enjoy. Make sure to "LIKE" the NEVER RIDE ALONE FILM official movie page on Facebook to stay up to speed on all the release dates, showings, film festivals, and merchandising. Please pass it along via "shares" on social media as that is one of the most effective ways to create a buzz about the film. So far we have had great response on the trailer, with thousands of views so far.

Just the three of us
Emma, our youngest, has been involved in typical crazy life of a teenager. One of the new things for her is playing soccer on one of the women's teams here in Cusco. That's a big deal as girls soccer has not been a big thing here in Peru. The culture has not embraced it in the past, but it seems that the door is opening and providing a good opportunity to build the feminine side of the sport. Emma has improved so much. She is the youngest on the team, and gets in there and fights for the ball like a seasoned veteran.  Since Emma is playing, Teri has also gotten back into her old favorite sport. We now have an Englund family presence each week as we get together and play soccer in the neighborhood.
As many of you follow along with our lives and have been supporting our mission here in Cusco, we want to say thanks for your continued support. Your prayers and financial blessings have been the thing that allows us to continue in our work here in Cusco.  You are appreciated.
Until the next update, keep your eyes open on Facebook for more up to date happenings with our family, mission, and film project.

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