Friday, December 15, 2017

Wrapping Up Another Great Year in Peru!

   This year has been another crazy bunch of life! So many ups and downs, but when it's all averaged out...It's been awesome.
A special gift for each of the mothers
Last years good we had to do it again!
   Over the course of the year, we have continued to work closely and support the Altivas Canas Children's project with the profits of our social enterprise, MotoMission Peru.  The kids at the project are able to have a safe place to come after school, eat a healthy meal, finish up their homework, and have a great environment to spend the afternoon.  The amazing ladies that operate the project work tirelessly to enhance the lives of each of the kids. We are honored to be able to pitch in and help. This time of the year is especially exciting for the kids as we typically do a big Christmas party.  We are planning on providing each of the single mothers of the kids with a large basket of all sorts of household goodies. The kids will each receive their own personal gift as well as have the chance to dance, play games, sing, and eat a ton of food.  Having a huge Christmas  party seems like an appropriate way to celebrate Christ's birth!

A sweet surprise!

One major event for our family  that took place in 2017 is that our oldest daughter Kayle moved back to the US to finish off high school. That has been a big transition for Teri, Emma, and I. We miss her dearly, but have adjusted to not having Kayle around every day.  Kayle seems to be doing well, but just like all teenagers in high school, she has her struggles. Please continue to pray for her as she continues to adjust, mature, and learn life in a new world. It ain't easy! One cool thing to note is that Teri was able to make a surprise visit to the US to celebrate Kayle's 18th birthday!  I still get tears when I see the video!
MotoMission Peru makes people smile!
    MotoMission Peru keeps pounding forward. We have had a number of tours from riders from all over the world. The market continues to change and the sport of Hard Enduro has grown exponentially since our inception. In addition, the community of dirt bikers here in Cusco has expanded.  It's awesome to see the sport develop and become a new passion for so many. It's even more awesome to be able to use our passions for motos to support local projects. Still so stoked to be doing what we do!
A little racing action...I got to bang bars with the pros!
    Some of you had been aware of a big motorcycle documentary project that was to take place last summer. We had to put it on the back burner for a number of reasons. That has lead us to another documentary project that has been  occupying a lot of the time between tours.  There is still a lot of work to complete, but it has been a huge project. We are hoping to roll it out in 2018 and dazzle the world with a little picture of what it's like to ride dirt bikes in the Andes. Stay tuned for the updates!
    From our family to yours, we want to say thank you for those that have been supporting our family and mission over the years.  As some of you know, we are faith based missionaries, meaning that we are supported by faithful people that believe in our family and mission.  We certainly could not serve here in Peru if it weren't  for so many of you.  
    As we continue to live and serve here in Peru, please know that we are in need of more support. Over the course of the nearly nine years on the field, situations have changed with some supporters. I want to ask you to consider supporting missions via our family. We are part of  the mission organization, Commission to Every Nation. CTEN offers us an incredible service while we are on the field.  They make it easy to set up a monthly tax deductable support package for our family. They can also do single donations as well( Still a few more days to get those processed by the end of the year...don't forget about us!)
You can reach them online at
or contact them at  1-800-872-5404 M-F( 8am to 5pm CST)

We look forward to tackling another year in Peru. Please continue to keep our family and ministry in prayer. We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!
We love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a note via Facebook, email, or just call us sometime at our house. We have a US based phone at 208-850-1851.

Wishing you the best year ever!
The Englund Family
Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma

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