Thursday, June 8, 2017

Big Changes for the Englund Family

Enjoying a hot chocolate in Chivay
It has been a solid eight and a half years since we hopped on the plane to begin this crazy adventure in Peru. A lot has changed, and numerous books could be written about all the experiences we have had during our time here.
Our girls, Kayle and Emma were nine and six years old when we arrived in South America. It's hard to imagine that we are now facing this huge change in our lives.
Kayle,  now 17, is going to be moving back to the US to live out her senior year of high school in Northern California. She will be living with some amazing friends of ours, Scott and Allison Mills. They live in Nevada City, CA, and their family is a perfect match for Kayle.
We made it to the pass...Way to go Kayle!
Many of you have gone through the stage of life where kids are moving out on their own, going off to college, and essentially starting a new chapter. You know what it's like. It's exciting and extremely difficult watching our baby girl, turn the page.
I am certain; She will be missed. She will do well. God has created a wonderful young woman, ready to tackle the challenges of life, and be a positive influence on those in her circles. Teri and I are blessed to call Kayle, "Our Little Sunshine."
In a few weeks, our entire family will be boarding a plane to the US. Our goal is a couple fold. One is to connect with those of you that are part of our prayer and financial support team. We will be travelling to the Northern California area as well as visiting Idaho. We always love to come back and reconnect with friends and family when we have the opportunity.
Another goal of our trip is to help set up Kayle for life in the US. There are many areas that will need to be addressed such as living without Mom and Dad close by, a new family structure, culture shock, high school, obtaining a drivers license, becoming a legal adult, managing her own finances, finding a job, and certainly some other things. It won't be easy, but she is ready. Our experiences of life have put Kayle into situations where she has learned how to work through obstacles and come out smiling on the other side.
Homeschool photo/moto class
While we are in the US, another goal of ours is to beef up our financial support. Over the past eight and a half years, some of our supporters have come and gone. We need to raise some additional support in order to move into the next chapter. With Kayle living in the US, we will have a number of additional or higher expenses that we don't have in Peru. Health insurance, school expenses, transportation, general cost of living, travel expenses, and who knows what else.
Doing a dance!
Kayle will be arriving to the US with her suitcase in hand; a few clothes and a couple of keepsakes. It's like she is moving out for the first time, but can't take the old couch from the garage to furnish her room.
We are asking you to join us in supporting this new chapter for our family. There are a number of specific expenses that need to be covered for Kayle as well as general living expenses. As we support Kayle, our family resources will be tapped quite a bit more.
Biker chick
Monthly support is a great way to provide our family with the necessary resources. As many of you know, we are 100% faith based volunteer missionaries and rely on your support to live and serve here in Peru. We ask that you pray and discuss with your families if you can be part of our support team.
One of our first outings in Peru
In addition to monthly support, we also have some one time needs that are larger in sum. I would like to be able to provide Kayle an airline ticket to come and visit her family in Peru (possibly for Christmas), set up her room at the Mills house (Bed, sheets, decorate), phone, computer, school supplies, driving school, youth group and school activities, etc.
We are excited to come back to the US, but will miss our sweet Kayle girl. Please join us in giving her a big send off.
To make a tax deductable support donation, just click on the link  You will be able to set up a monthly support amount as well as a one-time gift. You can also contact our mission organization, Commission to Every Nation, via phone at 1 800 863 4810.
We will have a crazy schedule while in the US, but look forward to reconnecting. If you have any questions about our family, support, or just want to talk, we do have a US based phone number in Peru. The number is 208-850-1851. Feel free to contact us.Technology makes it calling across town.
Learning to drive
Also, if you want to connect with Kayle, you can find her on Facebook. She would love a little encouragement.

Looking forward to a great visit,
The Englunds
Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma

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