Saturday, August 1, 2015

Baseball...It's Been a Long Time Old Friend

               It has been a full couple of months, but I want to bring you all up to date on some of the news from Cusco and the Englund family.

Our Crazy Kids

               Our family is doing good. With Kayle being gone, Emma is getting a lot of one on one time with Teri and I. It's good for all of us. However, we certainly miss Kayle. She will be returning with Teri's mother, and brother. They will be spending a couple of weeks with us. We are so excited to have visitors.

Teri and I on a 3 day anniversary adventure
               Kayle is still in the US for a couple more weeks. As I write this, she is on a backpacking trip with a Campus Life group from Nevada City. I am sure she is having a blast. We have been blessed to know many of the group as they came and joined us last year here in Peru on a couple of weeks of ministry and adventure. I must say I am a proud dad to have such a capable kid to be able to send her off to another country for a couple of months at her age. Way to go Kayle! We certainly miss her and cannot wait till she returns, but thankful for the opportunity for her.
Happy 21 yrs...This girl goes places
               While on the topic of kids, Emma is at a camp this week. She is with the big kids. It's amazing to watch our kids grow up in a country that is so different from the one in which I grew up(some may say I haven't grown up yet...still up for debate)  She communicates in Spanish like the rest of the kids. She understands the culture like the rest of the kids. She is a huge part American, and likewise a huge part Peruvian. In fact, she can belt out the Peruvian national anthem. As for the Star Spangled Banner, she doesn't hear it enough to know it. She didn't learn it in school.  It's a strange thing to notice.
               The missionary community had a July 4th picnic and celebration. We all joined in to sing the US national anthem. It was a beautiful sound to my ears. I don't hear it that much. Many of the kids had no clue as to the words. The adults as well as the newly expatriated kids belted it out nice and loud. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand out straight. I admit that I miss the good ole US of A. Did I mention that I got to play baseball at the party? I have developed a greater appreciation for American life and culture as our family has been serving here in Peru for six and a half years. I hear all of the problems in the US for sure. The news is no different here. They look for the negative story and blast it all over the airwaves. I know the US has its problems, but I am still honored to be an American. I sure miss playing ball...

Big Things Coming With MotoMission

               As for other another area of ministry, MotoMission is ramping up. Recently I started blogging for a huge motorcycle online community called Thumpertalk. com.  This has really given us a lot of exposure to the dirtbike community. I have already booked tours as a result of the blogging. I am excited to continue in the story writing and sharing our adventures to a huge group that has the same passion for motorcycle as I have. I noticed that my typical posts to you all have been spread out a bit. This is because of the increased amount of writing that I have been doing on the other blog site. If anyone is interested in following the motorcycle blog on Thumpertalk, you can join as a member then follow my blog which is called, Trail Tales of Enduro in South America.

This is our latest tour video...anyone recognize this guy?
               As many of you are aware, Motomission is our main ministry focus at the moment. Within this business ministry operation, we are also working on another big project that will help us reach our financial goals of permanently funding the Altivas Canas Childrens project. The project will be a professional documentary program that will highlight dirtbiking in Peru as well as be dovetailed with a mens adventure ministry twist that will blow your socks off. We are still in the early workings of the concept, but know that when we get the green light, the tires will start throwing some dirt. This is a huge project that has me so pumped up. I have lost many an hour of sleep just thinking and dreaming about how it will come together. Keep your eyes and ears open as this documentary project could potentially fund the entire Altivas Canas project and have enough left over for other projects as well. While the documentary program is being filmed and produced, MotoMission will continue to operate as originally planned.
Hauling in a batch of blankets in Alta Accha

Put a Blanket on that Woman

               Recently, our family joined up with our local church to head up to a small community high up in the mountains to distribute blankets and supplies. It is a location in which the church has worked before. The temperature gets down really low and they are always in need of good clothing and blankets to keep them warm at night. It was a fun day to connect with the people from Alta Accha. Teri posted a ton of pictures from the day on her Facebook page. I am sure many of you have already seen them.  You can enjoy the ones on here for now.

Random Stuff

no words...
               Thanks Grady Pearsol of Nampa Idaho for joining up with The Meeting Place Cafe. It was great to get to know you and hang out a bit. If anyone is interested in joining up for some ministry work in Peru, please let us know. We are always trying to help out the local churches and missionaries wherever we can.
               Thank you to all of our faithful supporters for making it possible to do what we do as volunteers.  We are blessed beyond measure to have you in our lives. That's all for now. There are many more stories to come...Stay tuned!

The Englund Family
Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma

The ladies at Alta Accha

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