Saturday, May 2, 2015

Word on the Street...With The Englund Family in Peru

We have a lot to update. Since the last update, there have been a number of big things come up. So, here it goes...

The Loss of Teri's Father
    First things first, we want to say thank you for the extra dose of support as Teri lost her father at the end of the year. The logistical stress of getting back to the US was more than enough to handle. Many of you pitched in to help us with the cost to return to the US for the funeral. Teri mentioned to me this morning that she was so glad that she was able to be there with the rest of her family during that time.  That is exactly what a solid support team does...Thanks for being a great support and encouragement to our family. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do.
Teri and her family...
MotoMission News
Another incredible view!
    As of May 3rd, Motomission/ Scott Englund will be a featured blogger for one of the largest motorcycle online communities on the Net. It's called Those of you that ride, are most likely members already. That is how big this thing is. Each month, a newsletter will be going out to 250,000 motorcycle enthusiast that have asked to receive their monthly newsletter. In addition to those, there are the ones that have not subscribed, but still part of the online community. Thousands upon thousands of dirtbike lovers. This is a huge opportunity.
    My blog focus will be a storytelling mission of the crazy things that happen while on the trail in South America. I will be telling the stories of our MotoMission tours, mishaps, comical parades, and a full description of how it is to ride in the Andes.  It will be full of pictures, videos, and written stories to entice anybody with a desire to fill their adrenalin tank to sign up for a tour.  
    As you might imagine, I am a bit excited about this opportunity. Our hope is that through the contacts made with Thumpertalk, MotoMission will be able to fill up a schedule of tours to accomplish our overall goal of funding the Altivas Canas Children's Project. Full throttle ahead! If you are interested in following the blog on, you will be able to find it starting tomorrow at

The Meeting Place Cafe update
    It couldn't have worked out any better. We have transitioned out of the Meeting Place Cafe and the new missionary owners are going strong. It's great to see that they have the energy and enthusiasm to take it to a new level. It's also great to see the changes they are making and that it remains full of people. Teri and I sleep well at night knowing it is in good hands and will continue well into the future. I call that a super blessing!

Other Ministry Stuff
On our way to deliver the school supplies
    Because of the nature of what we do, we often find ourselves being able to distribute blessings. When our business ventures like the cafe or Motomission make money, we give away the profits. In March, we were able to purchase a large quantity of school supplies for the kids at the El Arca Children's Home.  It is always cool to share blessing with others. Thanks to our customers which allow us to bring good news to those that may otherwise have to do without. By the way, that is our mission model in a nutshell. We run businesses that use the profit to support local social projects...Its working...

Family Update
This girl is tough...pulling teeth=no problem!
    Our family is doing great. The girls are knee deep in home school, which makes us knee deep in teaching. Teri does most of it, but I recently got a good dose of what she does on a daily basis as Teri participated in a missionary women's retreat in Lima last week. She came back with a big smile, her stress level was diminished, and she seemed to be ready to take on life. A good retreat is priceless. It was good for the girls and I as well. Nothing better than some good father daughter time, even if it did include some homework.
Almost a teenager...pray hard!
    Kayle has been experiencing a drawn out process of removing wisdom teeth. She has had two removed so far, with two more to go. Probably another 3 to four weeks to finish. Then it's time for the braces.  ouch!
    Emma is about to become a real, live teenager. I guess that is more of a prayer request...We cannot understand how it happened so fast.
Working with Calvary Chapel Cusco
While our workload has transitioned to some other things beyond the cafe, we have had a bit more freedom to do some other ministry things as well. A few weeks ago, our family had the opportunity to help another missionary family with a group from Texas that was here to do a project. It was good to help out some of the other missionaries in town. We are all on the same team, you know!

Prayer Request and Support Team
    The list of prayer requests goes on. Here is the list:

Our family-health, unity, our marriage, homeschool

MotoMission-To quickly build up the business and tour volume, for our partnership with, and safety as we manage tours

The Altivas Canas Children's Project-Pray for continued support and success of the project
We have been in Peru for over 6 years now. We have been back to the US a few times, but have not really had to focus too much on the fundraising part as our support team has been so faithful. However, as time takes its toll on people, we have lost a few of our supporters. We want to encourage any of you that are not currently partnering with our family to consider it. We cannot continue unless the resources are there for us to live and work here as volunteers. We specifically need additional monthly support and would like to raise another $500 dollars per month to make sure our finances are in order. To sign up as a monthly support partner, it is really easy. You can click on the link to our mission organization, Commission To Every Nation, and go through the short process. It's a great encouragement to us to know that we are not alone in this ministry.
Thanks again for all you do. Until next time...
The Englund Family
Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma

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