Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Excitement With a Shot of Fear

Overlooking the deepest canyon in the world

             The sun comes up and I am anxious to get started...It is early, about 6am. I have a million ideas banging around in my head. At times it feels more like a curse than something for which to give thanks. I cannot go back to sleep. Time to get up and make good use of the time.
               Usually when I cannot sleep it is because of too much stress and/or fear, too much excitement, or a combination of both. As many of you know, our family has been transitioning our focus from operating The Meeting Place Cafe to another full- time mission project called MotoMission.
It was nice to take a little break
               A few weeks ago, our family handed over the operation of the cafe to another missionary family. Our plan has come to fruition. With much prayer, discussion with our family, and some great wisdom from a handful of trusted and wise friends and mentors, we have passed on our keys. We are trusting that the cafe will be taken into the future with the same passion, philosophy, and focus. Our minds are at ease...well, sort of...
               These past days, I have found myself ready and ever so anxious to take on another challenge; to develop MotoMission into a viable business and mission so that we can reach the goal of sustainably funding the future needs of the Altivas Canas Children's project in Cusco.
Enjoying a boat ride across Lago Titicaca with the girls
               Sometimes it's the fear that does not allow me to sleep. It is a bit scary taking the leap into the unknown. All of the typical questions that every entrepreneur has racing through their minds are present in mine. Is my business idea solid? Will I be able to find enough customers to make it work? Is this going to consume too much of my life and not be healthy for my family?  Am I going to screw this up and look like a fool to all those people that I have told about my dream? These are just a few of the fear filled questions in my mind.  I do not suspect these will stop. In fact, they will most likely continue throughout the whole process of business operation. It is part of being an entrepreneur. It's what drives people like me.
               The stress from fear, as long as it is manageable, is helpful and drives me forward. I am not at a crippling point, nor anywhere close. In fact, I am at the most exciting part of it all. I am free to focus on a crazy dream that I have had for a number of years. It is GOING to happen! Unless God decides against it or steers us in another direction, we are moving forward, full force.
God did not mess this up!
               That's why I can't sleep...I am so pumped full of ideas and excitement that as soon as I start rustling awake in the morning the think tank starts filling up. One thing to another and I am about ready to drive my family nuts with the early morning antics of clacking away on my keyboard, working on motorcycles, editing videos, the plethora of questions about accounting, and many other things that I am certain will drive them crazy. Did I mention that these are the first few mornings!
               I am excited to have you all take this ride with us(sorry for the pun, but that is how I normally talk). You are a vital part in our work here in Peru. The constant prayer and financial support from so many of you is the reason that we can work through so many of those fear questions. If we were alone on this project, no support, we'd have to pack up and be finished.
The island of Taquile on Lago Titicaca...
               With our deepest thanks, we are honored to be able to wake up each day filled with exciting ideas, fears that drive us forward, all knowing that there is an awesome group of people that believe in what the Englund family is doing.
               That's enough for now. We will be keeping you all up to date on our exciting new venture.  Please know that we are still working on updating all of our information to reflect the new changes. Some things may not have been switched over as of yet. Stay tuned for some more crazy stories, videos that will be certain to thrill, and some photos that will make you wish you were here.

Until next time,
The Englund Fam

PS...it's a constant focus of ours to keep our financial support in order for us to continue ministry here in Peru. Since we are not using any of the profits from the business for our personal support, we need your help. That is our business/mission platform. If you would like to join our team/family as a monthly supporter, or make a special donation for a specific part of our ministry, you can simply contact Commission to Every Nation(CTEN) at our family donation page at www.cten.org/scottenglund or by phone(Toll-Free) at (800) 872-5404 during regular business hours.