Friday, May 2, 2014

A Liability Waiver for Marriage...An update from the Englund Family in Peru

Taken a few months ago, but we still look the same!

     Well it’s about time to give you all an update on the Englund Family in Peru. We have been head high in ministry stuff for a long haul. I figured I better come up for air and let people know we are still alive and moving forward.
     Our kids have started school. What a change for our family. Teri had been homeschooling, but finally came to a point where it was just too difficult to keep that schedule along with everything else. Besides it was pretty hard on her. The kids are enjoying school. It certainly has its ups and downs. Kayle and Emma have been away from the Peruvian school environment for a while and it’s always hard to get back into it. They are doing really well. We all have our days, but overall, they are glad to be back in school.
     This new found freedom has been great for Teri and I. Teri continues to do her program with the kids in the pediatric cancer ward at the hospital. It is really good for her to be able to use her skills and talents to help those kids that otherwise would not have a person to interact with like Teri. It’s a win win for everyone involved. She also has a huge task as an accountant for our ministry businesses. It is always a difficult process to try to keep a guy like me in line. I am an “it’s close enough”  kind of guy. Not the easiest for the accountant types. She is just the right person for the job.
    As for me, my schedule has changed quite a bit. We have found some good help at the café which has allowed me to be away from the café three days each week. This has been wonderful. I have been able to re-balance my time so that I have more time available for family, basic life stuff, and of course to continue to build our other ministry businesses like MotoMission.
Emma took more than her share of space on Mom's cast
     Our family is healthy, except for a little incident with Teri. When she signed up to be my wife, I didn’t have her sign a waiver, but there was an inherent risk of injury in some form or another because of the lives we lead. Well, it finally got the better of her. Six weeks in a cast and she will be better than ever. She decided to take a high speed get off on a motorcycle. She is fine now, but has to lug around a large cast that goes from her hand all the way up past her elbow and over the top of her bicep. I have to be extra careful these days not to get too far out of line as that thing is dangerous…if you know what I mean…
     Kayle is playing volleyball, Emma is about ready to start swimming. We are staying really active in the local dirt bike club. I am kind of a celebrity with my “Jesus” like appearance. There are no other foreigners in the group either, nor are there any other girls.  Yeah, we stand out, but it gives us a ton of opportunity for ministry.
The cafe serves it up like this on a daily basis...
     As for our ministry stuff, I can tell you that the café never experienced a low season this year. Thanks to the amazing volunteers that we have, our customers keep telling others about us. They keep coming. In fact, we are finding ourselves on most days, having people leave because there is not enough room for them to sit. Kills me, but it’s good that it’s that busy.
      Our project partner, the children's project at Altivas Canas is going really well. In fact, this year they started a new preschool. Up to this point, there had not been enough space nor resources to make it happen. Now, they are running 11 young kids in the morning, then adding to that number another 28 in the afternoon. It is great that we have the space for these extra kids. The building of the facility is moving forward. In fact they should be finished with the downstairs bathroom in the next couple of weeks. What an answer to prayer.
My latest MotoMission Tour
     As far as MotoMission is concerned, we have reached a point where the business can start pumping more resources into the building project at Altivas Canas. 100% of the profits from the business go to the ministry at Altivas Canas. Up to this point, we have been using the extra income to purchase more equipment and parts and such. Thanks to many of you as well as many of our initial customers, we have capitalized the business. We have the equipment purchased, a good stock of supplies and extra parts, and some working capital to keep the thing running. From here on out, we are fully open for business. It has been a long time coming.  
Rachael, Luis, and Janelle...our new ministry volunteers
     We also have a huge answer to prayer. As many of you have been praying for us and with us to find some help to manage the café. Our new help has arrived and will be starting Monday. The idea behind this is for me to continue to develop other businesses that will operate on the same platform of giving the profits away to local social projects. Without any help, I need to devote too much time to the café thus leaving nothing for the rest of the business ministries. We are happy to introduce Luis and Rachael. They are friends and ministry partners from our previous ministry with which we were involved, Extreme Nazarene Ministries. They are great people, great friends and are excited to join our mission in Cusco. Please lift them up in prayer as they adjust to life in Cusco and our new ministry environment. I am sure they will do really well.
     Teri and I are happy to announce that we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. It has been an incredible two decades of the most fulfilling life that I could have ever imagined.  I feel like I have lived a couple of lives within the past 20 years. Teri is an amazing woman. What a blessing to be able to spend such a time with such a godly and adventurous girl. So if we disappear for a couple of weeks this year, you can bet it will be for another honeymoon.
I hope this finds you all well. We continue to miss you all, and hope to make it back to the US for a good long visit sometime in the near future. Thanks again for your prayers and financial support.  We are so blessed to be able to do what we do. We owe it to those of you that have joined us in this ministry in Peru. You are truly appreciated.

In His Hands,
Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma
If any of you are interested in joining our ministry team, please either let us know via email or phone at 208-850-1851, or you can contact our mission agency, Commission to Every Nation at