Saturday, March 29, 2014

Motor Oil and Muffins

As many of you know, I am an avid dirt bike enthusiast. There is a certain type of engine that uses a concise mixture of gasoline and oil to perform correctly. I, being the responsible mechanic I am, went to the local store to purchase a measuring cup to help me with measuring the correct oil to gas ratio. For those that could care less about motorcycles, put yourselves in the kitchen.  It works for both bikes and making muffins.
I have a precise recipe for a gas mixture that will help the motorcycle run optimally. If it is too much oil the motor will smoke and run bad. If it is too much gas, the motor will run too hot and burn up. It has to be right.
What kind of standards are you using?
As I poured the first batch of oil into the measuring cup, I felt that something was off. I looked at the numbers on the side of the cup and noticed the location of the measuring lines. I became a bit confused. The cup was a cylinder. The bottom was the same diameter as the top. The first measurement from the bottom was the 4 ounce line. The next was an unmarked line between the 8 and 4 ounce mark, thus representing 6 ounces.  The thing that confused me was that the distance from the bottom of the cup to the 4 ounce mark was twice as much as the distance from the 4 ounce mark to the 8 ounce mark.
I grew up in a culture where measuring cups could be trusted. Any and every measuring cup I have ever used has been the same.  They all use the same standards. Good standards are vital in so many areas of life.
When our standards are not sound, things can go array. If I put the wrong ratio of oil to gas, the motorcycle will not work.  My standard will be damaging to the motorcycle. A bad standard in life, can lead to regrets.
Think about the standards that we use in our lives. Where do they come from? Are they coming from a trusted source? Are you getting your standards from TV? Are they coming from a relationship that is healthy? Are they coming from a sound faith? Parents? Friends?  It is vital to our wellbeing to use good standards. If you want your recipe to turn out in a way in which it was originally designed, then make sure your standards are solid.
Use good standards to keep your recipe on track. We choose our standards. As a father of two precious girls, I want my daughters to have good standards with relationships. If they make good choices and use solid standards, they’ll not have regrets. I am sure they will stumble, as we all do, but a great place to focus is with our standards.
I have found that biblical standards are a great place to start. I don’t necessarily want to get all religious with anyone, but I have not found anything wrong with a biblical standard. I choose to implement those standards in my life. The bible points out that an “others based” love is the most important commandment. It is a great standard. I want to challenge you to keep that in mind as you are constantly developing your standards. Make sure your measuring cup is accurate. A good standard is vital to having your motor running right. Also, your muffins will come out just like they were designed…Scrumptious!