Thursday, November 14, 2013

Emma Goes to School

    It’s Monday morning as the sun pops up over the Andean ridgeline. The brightness enters the room of my youngest daughter, Emma. With anticipation of the day, she rises to her feet, comes downstairs for a bite to eat, and then prepares for a day at school. 
     Each day is pretty much the same routine. Awake, get hugs from Mom and Dad, breakfast, and then get ready for school. At times, there is a slight change in the routine. However, in Emma’s case, the routine sounds like normal for many kids her age. 
     As she says goodbye to a smiling Mom, Dad, and Sissy, she arrives at school moments later.  She greets the teacher, takes her backpack off, and sits down to begin her day at school. Sounds like the routine of so many kids. However, with Emma, there is always one part of her routine that is her very own. Emma is homeschooled.
     Her imagination has created this world of what she longs for. She walks out our back door with her backpack on only to enter the front door moments later. She doesn’t “go” to school. It is at our house. Her creativity and imagination have developed an imaginary situation that creates a piece of enjoyment.
     Some may say it is make believe. I would say that is exactly what it is. Isn’t our world our perspective of how we see it? Nobody can see it exactly as we do. That is one of the great gifts of creation. We can develop, in our imaginations, a world that is wonderful and full of life, or we can make this place a terrible disaster. 
     What a gift that Emma has to be able to make a new environment out of a situation that she is in. It puts a smile on my face every time I see her do her little act. She can play the part so well. It is like a Hollywood actress that can get into character and create an environment that makes for a great day at school. 
     If I can share with you a thought about this situation, I would have to challenge you to put on your imagination hat and take yourself to a place where your thoughts are encouraging. Take yourself to a place you want to be;  a place where you are important, valued, loved…  A place of normalcy… A place where you can fit in… A place where you can serve... A place where you can be what you were created to be.
     As a person who is generally positive, I sometimes find myself in a routine of negativity. I do it. Nobody helps change my mind; only me. Sometimes, when we need to break free from that negativity, I need a bit of imagination and creativity to walk out the door and come back into a different world. It is a discipline. Practice it and you will have a great tool in your shed to weather storms of negativity and foster the positive side of your life. I believe it is one of the reasons why you were given the gift of choice in the first place. Choose to be positive…Have a great day at school…

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