Thursday, November 14, 2013

Emma Goes to School

    It’s Monday morning as the sun pops up over the Andean ridgeline. The brightness enters the room of my youngest daughter, Emma. With anticipation of the day, she rises to her feet, comes downstairs for a bite to eat, and then prepares for a day at school. 
     Each day is pretty much the same routine. Awake, get hugs from Mom and Dad, breakfast, and then get ready for school. At times, there is a slight change in the routine. However, in Emma’s case, the routine sounds like normal for many kids her age. 
     As she says goodbye to a smiling Mom, Dad, and Sissy, she arrives at school moments later.  She greets the teacher, takes her backpack off, and sits down to begin her day at school. Sounds like the routine of so many kids. However, with Emma, there is always one part of her routine that is her very own. Emma is homeschooled.
     Her imagination has created this world of what she longs for. She walks out our back door with her backpack on only to enter the front door moments later. She doesn’t “go” to school. It is at our house. Her creativity and imagination have developed an imaginary situation that creates a piece of enjoyment.
     Some may say it is make believe. I would say that is exactly what it is. Isn’t our world our perspective of how we see it? Nobody can see it exactly as we do. That is one of the great gifts of creation. We can develop, in our imaginations, a world that is wonderful and full of life, or we can make this place a terrible disaster. 
     What a gift that Emma has to be able to make a new environment out of a situation that she is in. It puts a smile on my face every time I see her do her little act. She can play the part so well. It is like a Hollywood actress that can get into character and create an environment that makes for a great day at school. 
     If I can share with you a thought about this situation, I would have to challenge you to put on your imagination hat and take yourself to a place where your thoughts are encouraging. Take yourself to a place you want to be;  a place where you are important, valued, loved…  A place of normalcy… A place where you can fit in… A place where you can serve... A place where you can be what you were created to be.
     As a person who is generally positive, I sometimes find myself in a routine of negativity. I do it. Nobody helps change my mind; only me. Sometimes, when we need to break free from that negativity, I need a bit of imagination and creativity to walk out the door and come back into a different world. It is a discipline. Practice it and you will have a great tool in your shed to weather storms of negativity and foster the positive side of your life. I believe it is one of the reasons why you were given the gift of choice in the first place. Choose to be positive…Have a great day at school…

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where did October go?

Teri and the girls enjoying the sunshine at Bald Rock

It is always bittersweet to return to the US for a visit. We always enjoy being back home in our culture, but the plethora of emotional ups and downs can wreak havoc on ones mental stability, if one had much to begin with… Regardless, we are back in the Peruvian saddle here in Cusco. Our recent trip to the US was definitely a needed break. Our whole family has been blessed by some of the connections we made during this trip. We got a chance to just relax and have some fun without the pressure of things back in Cusco.
We have been fortunate to have a great young family manage The Meeting Place Café while we were in the US. They took care of the day to day stuff and kept the problems out of our minds. Thanks Matthew and Elisa! You guys are awesome!
The girls love the water...
We got some time with family as well.
Once we landed on US soil, we hit the ground running. We spent some quality time with a new church connection called Bayside. It is a large church in northern California. We participated in two of their events and really got connected with a bunch of adventure lovers in their ranks.  We spent time at a camping retreat in Santa Cruz, took our chances learning to surf, and ate as much sand as anyone could handle. It was a good place to meet some of the people from the Bayside Church. The following week, we prepared for another weekend retreat in Yerington Nevada. This was one of the deciding factors that brought us back for a visit.
The Englund clan exploring a mine shaft via moto
We were invited to come and participate in a dirt bike retreat in the desert.  They didn’t have to twist our arms too far to get us there… Greg and his staff at Bayside Adventure Sports were so welcoming and helpful. They provided motorcycles for our whole family, along with the necessary equipment and things to make it happen. We were able to reach out to a crowd of dirt bike enthusiasts. It was the perfect connection to give MotoMission a good kick start (excuse the pun.) We are consistently trying to build our ministry businesses through our client base as well as our support system which allows us to run the businesses as volunteers. We were successful in every way! To all the Bayside people reading this: Thanks a ton for making us feel so welcome!
During our time in the US, we had the chance to visit with family and a few friends. Our time was pretty full, but it was a good break from our hectic lives in Cusco. For those that we just couldn’t see on this trip, we will catch you on the next one.

Prayer Needs

  •        We had to sell our vehicle just before we returned to the US.  It is extremely difficult to purchase a quality used vehicle in Peru. We thought we were getting something that would work, but had nothing but problems. We decided it was best to cut our losses, and get rid of it before getting stranded again. We need to purchase another one. This time, we would like to stick with a Toyota Landcruiser as there are more parts available and people that know how to fix them. The cost will be quite a bit more, but once we get a good vehicle, we should be able to hang onto it for a while.  Pray that God provides the resources. We would like to purchase a 2007 model which will cost about 23K. We currently have about 10k from the sale of our last vehicle. If anyone would be interested in helping with this ministry need, please contact us via email or Commission to Every Nation, our stateside mission organization at 
  •         We have a couple of possibilities on management of the café. Please pray that one of the options comes to fruition thus allowing us to move forward on our MotoMission project. 
  •         Please pray for our family as we hop back into the craziness of the ministry here in Peru.  
Thanks again for participating in this crazy ministry with us. You all are so appreciated and we are so blessed to be able to do what we do. Thanks for all of your support.
Scott and Bud Englund-a couple of clowns

In His hands,
The Englund Family