Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Blood Said It All...

     The other day while I was riding home in a taxi after a day at the café, I saw something that seemingly reached deep into my chest and ripped my heart away from the arteries and tissue connecting it to my body.
     The taxi slowed as the traffic was being compressed from three lanes down to one. As we arrived at the intersection, with the driver window down, the horrific sound of a sobbing mother entered the cab of the small taxi. My curiosity awakened as the driver began to explain the scene. My eyes moved to the place in the road where the young mother had laid her body over her young child. He had to be no more than 9 years old; Just a little boy. The blood that trickled from his lifeless body where he lay, across the two lanes of traffic, into the gutter on the other side of the avenue, said it all.
There was no pressure or sense of urgency as it was too late. It was just a tragic mistake…one bad choice to step out into traffic. He had probably done that many times before, but this time it was lethal. The mother was unable to protect him.
     This was a harsh reality for me to ponder. Our time is up when our time is up. It really got me thinking about my kids and the number of times I grabbed the back of a backpack, the top of a head, or a lock of hair to pull them back from a dangerous situation. I recalled the time while my daughters and I were out working at one of our projects. My youngest daughter, Emma, ran down the hill onto the dirt road at the bottom without looking. She was within inches of being kissed by the bumper of a Toyota truck. I was no more than fifteen feet from the truck and my precious girl. There was no way for me to protect her.
     I could not imagine the grief of this young mother as she moaned in the middle of traffic. As you go through today, take a bit of extra notice in your life of the miracle of just being where and who you are. Hug your kids extra tight. God did a pretty amazing thing when He created all of this.  Embrace life; Don’t take any of it for granted!

Drug Police-Are You Sure It’s Just Coffee?
Come and get it!
     Our family will be in California for the month of October. We have a couple of ministry connections while we are there. We are also looking forward to taking some time away from the craziness of our lives in Cusco. While we are in the US, we will spend most of our time in Northern California as well as Nevada.
     One thing we typically do when we return is continue to raise support for our ministry and our family. We will be bringing a bunch of coffee(the same stuff we use in our café in Cusco). For a donation of $20 per bag, you could help us with our costs of travel and being in the US. Our coffee is from one of the best coffee growing regions in Peru. You are sure to enjoy it! Send us a reply and include how many bags of coffee you would like. Also, if you would like whole bean or pre-ground. Thanks so much for helping out with our travels.

How Do You Survive?
Just another answer of how we survive
     Often, while I am sharing the vision and mission of our café, The Meeting Place, people ask the question, “How do you survive if you don’t take any of the profits from your business to live?”
This always provides an open door to share our vision, ministry, as well as the reason we do what we do. People are often amazed that there are normal(some might not call us normal) people that are actually Christians. I think it is refreshing for them to see it at work and without a condemning spirit. God calls us to be his sales force by the lives we lead. We ought to make our faith attractive so that others will want it as well. That is how people become connected with Christ. Boring Christians don’t excite anyone.
I wrote this blogpost while staring at this!
     We hope to continue our work here in Cusco. God has given us a great place to minister and work. It is always exciting, full of autonomy, and very rewarding.  We are also blessed to be part of such a great support team that allows us to do what we do. When people ask the question about how we survive without taking profits from the business, I am able to tell them that there is a group of faithful people who believe in the mission of our family and ministry. I also explain that they are part of our team. We cannot live here without their support and they couldn’t reach people in Peru without someone on the ground like our family. Together, we make a great team.
     I cannot remember a day in the café where I have not shared that vision. As missionaries on the field, part of our responsibility is to make sure we can survive financially. We do not receive a salary from a church organization. Raising our own family and ministry support is part of our job as a member of the team.  
     We are always looking to build up our support team with more partners. If you are interested in hearing more about how to partner with us, and we can arrange a time to meet while in town, we would love to connect with you. Just let us know.
You can also join our support team directly by contacting our mission organization, Commission to Every Nation. They can be reached via phone at 800-872-5404 or go on line at www.cten.org/scottenglund. We are so blessed by so many of you. Thanks for keeping us going!

    We hope to see many of you soon. For those that we do not get to visit on this visit, such as our friends in Idaho, we will have to catch you on the next one.
Many Blessings,
The Englund Clan
Cusco, Peru

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