Monday, July 22, 2013

Poop Cards For All Who Participate

Poop cards for all who participate
As of late, we have had a lot of customers that have been frequenting our restaurant. There is a large batch of them that are involved in a variety of volunteer projects through one of the local language schools.
Poster boy of the Poop Card!

When these young people come up to the counter after scouring the bottom of their glass to get the last of the mint chocolate cookies and melted ice cream, they often whip out what has been coined, “the poop card!”

Why in the world would you call it that? Well, let me tell you. Do any of you remember how poor you were in college? How about the chinsy food you ate, or rather didn’t eat, to save money for a weekend excursion while in college? Well, these young adults are in the same boat. They are here studying and volunteering in Cusco and are doing it on a limited budget.

One of our former volunteers just happened to be doing a research study on traveler’s diarrhea. We came up with the plan to offer the research subjects an incentive to return the stool samples to the research study. We presold “poop cards” which are essentially a gift certificate for a free coffee, waffle, or whatever floats your boat. Young adults on tight budgets are suckers for free food and drinks. It is a match made in heaven. Each day, there are a handful of people cashing in their “poop cards.”

So, if you are ever in Cusco and have had the misfortune of having your wallet stolen, there is an alternative for you; A stool sample is essentially good for a coffee and a waffle at The Meeting Place…FYI-We only accept the cards…

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