Friday, June 7, 2013

The Harvest is Plentiful But The Workers Are Few...Boy Ain't That The Truth

Taking a snooze at the zoo on a retreat in Lima
We are currently in a spot in our lives where we have found ourselves exhausted. I feel like an old hunting dog that has been hunting hard all day, but I keep sniffing more birds and can’t stop even though I am exhausted. I love the hunt, but there comes a point where I just need to rest.
Teri and I just got back from Lima where we were blessed to have a couple of days of retreat that were put on by Christian Hospitality Network. It was a great time away and a needed break. However, when we got back, we had a mountain of work in which to catch up.
God has been blessing our ministry here in Peru. We have been blessed with a great harvest, but the workers are what we desperately need right now. I am putting this out there as a prayer request for our family. Our pace has not slowed down since we landed in Peru about four and a half years ago.  Our biggest need is to find someone to partner with us and our café/restaurant. It is a great ministry and we have invested piles of time and energy into developing it into what it is. However, it has grown to the point where we need a full time manager to operate the café. We are specifically looking for a faith based missionary (one who raises their own support like our family). We want to utilize a faith based missionary as it stays true to our mission. A major benefit to the faith based volunteer help is that these people want to help. It creates a better atmosphere in the café and also provides a super strong marketing message. We can tell our customers that 100% of our profits go back to the community. On a side note, thank you all that are supporting us financially as it allows us to do what we do without taking anything out of the businesses.

So, I ask that you all get the word out. We have a bunch of options as far as the café goes. We can stay on as partners, we can move it over to someone with a similar vision, offer it to another ministry or church that may want to take on a foreign project, or even sell the business and use the proceeds for funding our other ministry projects. Besides that, there are more options that I have not even thought about. We need to do something before we get to the point of burnout.
Some time with friends and supporters
The momentum is picking up. Two weeks ago, I had three days of tours. We also just booked a 5 day tour which is a huge thing for MotoMission. It will only take a handful of these types of tours to reach our goals. This type of tour is an immense amount of work, but we are excited to have the momentum. A small amount of super high end tours to provide the necessary resources to build and fund the Altivas Canas Project…that’s our plan. We have been doing a number of daily trips, but those are not our focus. Keep this ministry in your prayers. It has a lot of untapped potential to make a big impact in Cusco.
Visitors are Welcome
We are excited to have a number of people coming down soon. Just recently, a couple of dear friends and ministry partners came down for a visit. In the near future, we have a number of other people and teams coming down. A group from Arkansas will be arriving soon. We also have a couple of families joining us for a good bit of time. We are excited to have the help and support of these awesome people. Let us know if you would like to come down. We like to have visitors…
The leader of Bayside Adventure Sports...great guy!
Bayside Adventure Sports
Working at the Altivas Canas Children's Project
During the past few weeks, we have had a lot of activity going on with our ministry here in Cusco. We had a group from an adventure ministry within a large church in Northern California connect with us. Three of them took a tour with MotoMission on one of their down days in Cusco. We also gathered up a number of the team to do a work project at the Altivas Canas project, while Teri was able to take a small group to the cancer ward at the hospital. It was a productive day of work. We poured a concrete floor so they could use the room for class space. I have not been up there since, but Quintina(the lady that runs the project) came into the café smiling about being able to use the room already. What a blessing for all involved!
Prayer requests:
We need a manager for the café. If you know anyone that may be interested, let them know, then pray that God would provide.
Home school is not always easy…Pray for Teri, Kayle, and Emma as they work through the schedule of lessons and homework.
Pray for the final portion of finances to come in for complete funding of MotoMission. We are a few thousand dollars short to have all the capital raised to start the project as planned. Praise that we have been able to begin with limited equipment.
Pray for energy…with all the things going on in our ministry, we are finding ourselves exhausted.
Praise…Our Sunday night “Gathering, “ is going great. We had about 40 people a few Sundays ago. Normally we have been running about 20. Our discussions have been amazing. Topics such as “moving from and inside/self focus to an outside/others focus,” to “Tourism and its Effect on the Local Culture,” to an informational talk on Corpus Cristi ( a synchronization of Catholicism and native Andean tradition). These topics have been great draws for people. Praise that God is helping us make good connections and gives many opportunities to share our faith and reason for doing what we do. This is our way to start a relationship with these people.
That’s it for now. We gotta get back at it…Many blessings on all of you. Thank you so much for your support of our family and ministry. We are glad to be on the team with you all!

The Englund Family

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