Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why is there a bag of hair on my bible?

Carrying the cross of my little buddy Jason
There is certainly an opportunity to live a crazy and fulfilling life in Peru. Our family is somehow doing it. However, with all the difficulty and trials as of late, there is an overwhelming blessing as we continue to live this adventure that we call “life.”
As many of you have been following the story of Jason, the final chapters of his life have come to an end. However, the influence and impact that Jason will have on this world in which he was a temporary resident will continue on. What a beautiful kid!
Emma with her arm around Chaska while Antauro carries the banner
It was just yesterday that I found a lock of hair in a ziplock bag on top of my bible by my bed. How did that get there? What is really ironic, is that not only is there one bag of hair on top of my bible, but another that follows me through the days as I roll over each morning to start my day with a good dose of wisdom. Each morning I find a prayer list with the names of people that have been a part of our ministry here in Peru. In addition, I also have a ziplock bag of hair that just happens to be that of the younger brother of Jason; Antauro. When we had a ceremony to bring him out of his babyhood into childhood, I had the privilege to cut his hair for the first time. Many of you may remember the story of the ceremony in which I gave this poor kid the nastiest haircut of his life that just happened to be his first. It was an honor bestowed upon me by his parents. I am Antauro’s padrino; Kind of like a Godfather I guess.
As I cut his locks of hair off, I asked if I could keep one and use it as a reminder to pray for this little guy. So into the bible it went. It is a great reminder of this lovely family into which we have entwined our lives.
So what was the other bag of hair on my bible? It was from my little princess Emma. She had her mom cut her hair the other day. She somehow noticed that Antauro’s hair was in my bible and that there ought to be some of Emma’s as well. Yesterday, I had a talk with her about the hair in the bag on my bible. She confirmed it was hers. Not only hers but also Samantha’s.
“Your doll, Samantha?” I asked
“Yup. Don’t forget to pray for her too!” she commanded
There is nothing sweeter than the innocent creativity of a little child. With a huge smile on my face, I was able to confirm that both Emma and Samantha needed prayers. God watches out for all of us; Even those that may be made out of plastic and porcelain.
As I continue to keep Antauro in my prayers, please take note of a little boy that has recently lost his big brother. He has a big gap in his life that needs to be filled. Pray that God will fill that gap with His goodness and with His provision. Antauro could use a good dose of that.
Our Family
Our girls are growing up!
As for the Englund’s, we have just come through a storm like no other. However, we are thankful for the sunshine after the clouds have lifted. God is good and we are grateful that we got through.  Our family is doing great. The girls are doing homeschool again. We have been going back and forth with formal school and homeschool and it seems that both have distinct benefits. So as our kids are up to their ears in work, Teri is also up to here ears in instruction. She is doing great but the transition to the schedule is often difficult. I think we are just now getting in to a routine.  And it feels so good to have some normal in our lives…just a bit of it…
We are coming into the busy season at the café. The days are packed full of sharing our story dozens of times each day to people from every corner of the globe. I just love what I get to do! Thank you all for allowing us to do this ministry. We have a number of volunteers coming in the next day or two. It should sustain us for the busy months ahead. Thank God for providing just when we thought we were at the end of the list of volunteers. Keep the café in your prayers. It is reaching out to a lot of different people. Pray that the business keeps strong. Praise that we made it into one of the most widely used tourism guide book, THE LONELY PLANET.
The Gathering at The Meeting Place Cafe
Our Sunday night gathering is drawing some incredible discussion. Wisdom bounces from the walls each Sunday. We have been talking about things such as gratitude, prayer, meditation, and next week we will be talking about the intrinsic political nature of religion…Can’t wait to get into that one….it’s gonna be a doozy!
That is our update at the moment. Tomorrow it will all be different as is our lives in such a crazy world. Thanks for following along with our journey. We love and appreciate you all so much.
If there is anything that you would like us to pray for, please feel free to let me know. I am convinced that it works…Too many coincidences in my life to not believe in the power of prayer. I believe that God created coincidence for His glory…We would be honored to lift up your needs in prayer.

Love to you all!
The Englund Family
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