Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jason---The Final Chapter

The day started with a phone call from a weeping mother whose child had passed away during the night. It was Isabel. My wife answered as I was getting ready for a normal day. As Isabel tried to communicate, crying without a stop, she somehow communicated the news that I have been dreading ever since this journey with Jason began. I honestly did not think this day would come in my lifetime. God had a different plan…
Jason, my little buddy, who has fought more rounds of disease than most 80 year olds, has fought his last fight on Earth. Last night during the night he decided that it was time. The pain was too much to bear.
So it is with a huge burden of sorrow for Narcisso and Isabel, Jason’s parents, Chaska and Antauro, the siblings, and those that have come to love this little fighter, that I send this note.  Many of you have lost someone close…this hurts. I know God has an amazing plan in which Jason was a part.
I was looking forward to hanging with Jason throughout the rest of his life. My expectation was that it was going to go well into the future. So the news today came as a surprise, although I knew he was not doing so well at the moment.
I have written a number of chapters about Jason. He has been a constant part of my thoughts ever since I met the little guy. Through the mornings at Huilkarpay, where a rambunctious kid and I were always on the same soccer team, my connection to Jason developed. That was just how it went. Even when he was picked for the other team, we seemed to somehow end up on going the same direction. I was always impressed with his competitive fight to get the ball regardless of how big the other guys were. That is why I was sure he was going to make it through this. The chapters have been piling on as the ups and downs of his journey with a demon, named Leukemia, have continued. I never wanted to write this chapter, but now this part of the story must come to an end.
What a journey, what a fight! Jason, you changed a lot of hearts in the 10 years you were blessed to be here on Earth.  Thanks for blessing me and so many others that followed your story. May it not be in vain, but may all whom you touched will be better for putting a piece of you in their hearts.
Thank you all so much for the vast amounts of prayer and support. If nothing else comes of this whole ordeal, the family knows for certain that thousands of prayers of faithful Christ followers went up just for them. Jason knew that as well. I made sure he knew it each time I talked with him.
May God bless you all for pouring your lives and prayers into this little friend of mine and his family. Know that I will be calling on you all again if I ever run across another Jason.

Scott Englund
April 17, 2013


Christie said...

So, so sorry to read this. I'm praying right now for Jason's family and for you and yours as you grieve your young friend. I know you're thinking of the blessing he was to you, but I am also thanking God that you came into Jason's life. I'm sure he cherished his time with you.

Anonymous said...

I am reading this and tears are filling my eyes, but I am so amazed at how God is gracious enough to not only end Jasons suffering, although it may not be in the way we desire, but also to have given you the eyes to see that His plan is always better than our own. I praise God for the life that Jason lived, and how many lives he has touched, including my own. Our prayers are with his family, and yours as well; that The Holy Spirit would comfort you during this time of mourning and that you would continually lift your eyes to God knowing that this world is merely a shadow and the closest thing to hell that Christians will ever experience.