Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hectic Week in Peru...Please Pray!

I am sure many of you have experienced one of those periods of life where trials seem to be the norm and the where normalcy is craved. I have never wished for a dreaded Monday more than this past week. Get it over with already!
Just to give you an update on some things, we have had a troubling week to say the least. Although, with trials and difficulties, we are afforded the opportunity to grow and strengthen. I should be He-Man after this past week.
It all started with a break in at the café. We lost a bunch of stuff. Nobody was hurt. However, with a break in, there are numerous hours of useless paperwork and reports that need to be done. That is what they do in Peru. This type of robbery would be one that the best police force in the world would not be able to find your things. Try that with a police force that does not even have the resources to cover the taxi of the investigator to come and investigate, and there you will discover that your stuff is long gone. However, the papers are needed for the insurance company, so we did it.
Saturday was filled with the processing at the police station. In addition, a MotoMission tour was scheduled at the last minute for Sunday. I put a lot into these tours so there are quite a few hours of prep. Buying supplies, making sure the bikes are ready, gear is laid out for the clients, GPS and cameras charged, snacks, tools , and a million other things. Regardless, it was going to happen, so I had an entire night to get it all ready. After the client meeting and police station, I arrived home with kids ready for bed. Time to get the stuff ready for the tour in the morning.
I picked up my clients, had a great breakfast and headed to the house to gear up and ride. After a few hours of riding, the first client took a spill and dislocated his shoulder. No problem! I got the chase vehicle and my lovely wife to help with the rescue. We got him home and all was good. A bit sore but he was good…
Then the other guy, a friend of the first, wanted to continue the tour in which he paid full price. We continued with some more amazing riding. It was towards the end of the day and he had told me that he was ready to be done. Perfect! Let’s go eat!
Down the mountain we went towards the savory, rotisserie chicken and fries at the local Polleria. Before we arrived, another mishap took place. My client somehow panicked, and hit the throttle on a downhill section and froze up and could not bail off the bike. He ended up slamming into an embankment feet first to find his ankle broken in 9 pieces. It was a mess. He was OK, but it was not an easy task getting him to the hospital as we were not on a road. We managed to get him to the road and once again, my lovely wife came to the rescue. Off to the hospital for an emergency surgery to bolt this guy back together. He ended up with a compound fracture with 3 bones sticking out from his skin. It was boot full of blood and bones…Not a pretty sight, but after a week in the hospital, he was released to go back home. One good thing about it was that he got an upgrade to first class for him and his buddy with a dislocated shoulder. 
To top that off, we found out that Jason was not doing so well. That was actually earlier on in the week. Jason passed away on the 17th of April. With the arrangements of getting his body back to Cusco on our minds, the sorrow filled parents, and the personal grieving, it was about all we could handle.
We finished the week off with a motorcycle event that was a fundraiser for the Altivas Canas Children’s project that we are working with. It was a stressful day, but somehow we made it through with more help from my amazing wife.  Could someone say a prayer for her? That girl has a tough job with all the stuff I send her way…What a blessing she is! I continually find myself impressed by the wife that God put into my life…
So that was what our last week looked like.  I have been in crisis mode for over a week. I am glad things have settled down a bit. I am so encouraged through this whole process because I can see that God’s promises are solid. It was not too much that we could not bear it. With His strength, we have come out of that section of life with a better perspective and strength.
I also want to let you know that so many of you have blessed us in so many ways. The encouraging notes, to the financial surprises, to the countless prayers for our family and our ministry and those we are involved with.  With that, I am truly thankful for you. I am so glad you are on the team.
The busy season is arriving shortly. We will be heading into another time of hecticness(if that is a word). Please continue praying for us. I know God is listening to your petitions and requests. Below is a list of prayer request that you can lift up on our behalf:
Kayle and Emma and Homeschool-Teri is their teacher and it’s a tough job for all of them
Scott-Too many things on my plate…Priorities
Café-Still looking for a long term manager to operate the café, busy season is arriving…Pray for more good volunteers
MotoMission-Momentum is good. Pray for more clients and multi day tours.
Jason’s Family-Narciso and Isabel(parents), and Chaska and Antauro(siblings).
Teri’s hospital ministry-Pray for motivation for Teri to stick with it. It is tough when kids don’t make it. Ease of sharing salvation with these kids
Pray for our family and marriage. The stresses of our lives are plentiful.

Thanks again for sticking with us through this adventure. You are appreciated more than we can say or write. May God bless you as you continue to bless us!


Bryan and Delana said...

Praying for you guys. I am also inspired by what ya'll are doing.

Peter Smith said...

Hey Scott - awesome story... we will definitely be praying for you guys! Tough week for sure - thanks for teaching the rest of us how to keep on trucking through God's work, even though it isn't always easy!