Monday, March 4, 2013

New meds have arrived for Jason

New Meds Have Arrived for Jason
This past few days have been a bit tough on us here as we think about Jason and his outlook. Some of the new details coming from Lima (where Jason is located and being treated) have not been the most encouraging. Basically, Jason is at a stage of final options. Jason’s German doctor has arrived and with him were some very specific meds that will hopefully put Jason into a full and complete remission.  If they do not work, the bone marrow transplant option will not exist. We are at the point where if the treatment does not work, they will most likely send Jason home to be with his family. There is no hospice care here, so going home to live out the rest of his days would be the best option.
Jason is not doing so well at the moment. Each day is a battle I cannot imagine fighting. Jason has been in a Lima, Peru hospital for months now. He is with his dad, but recent news about Jason’s condition has prompted Isabel, Jason’s mom to head out to Lima as well.
Not sure what to do at this point but to ask for your prayers for this family. I know many of you have been following the saga. Many ups and downs, but prayer works. So again, I ask you to keep my little friend Jason in your prayers. Ask for comfort and understanding for him and his family. I am a firm believer that if the god that created Jason in the manner in which he did (God used a pretty good recipe!), then that same god would also provide him a purpose to his life. It sometimes makes me wonder about why things like this happen to such innocent children…I am convinced that God is good…all the time! Jason, as with every one of us, has had some struggles…That’s life. How we respond to those struggles is what makes a kid like Jason purposeful. What an inspiring young man! Pray hard…

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