Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prayers needed!...update on Jason

Appeal for prayer
Over the course of our time here in Peru, we have come across a number of difficulties. Most, we have been able to handle with a bit of energy, time, and of course much creativity. We have recently been exposed to another one of those difficulties that may or may not be much, but it has us a bit nervous.
As missionaries here in Peru, we have permanent residency. We are able to do that because we are part of a viable entity here in the country which allows us to do such. Just recently, the government of Peru passed legislation which will most likely inhibit the way we do our residency process. There is some real concern that we may not be able to be residents at all. The effects of this are not fully known, but based on the current situation, it does not look good. As the credit card commercial used to say, membership has its privileges. Well, here in Peru, being a permanent resident definitely has its privileges. Flights are close to ½ price on the main airline that we use, entry into many things are either free or drastically reduced, and there is a credibility to our being here when we can whip out our residency card. In other words, it is safer to have official residency. We can always just use our passports when it is advantageous. But when it is better to show permanent residency, having the card is quite comforting.
We are still trying to understand the entire legal ramifications. However, one thing better than a good team of lawyers is a group of faithful people praying for blessing on our situation. So, I am asking for your help in lifting up this matter in prayer. This new legislation could possibly make it impossible for thousands of missionaries to continue to do what they do. It may amount to nothing. At this point we are not sure. So please pray for this situation to be exactly as God wants it to be.

Update on Jason
Not a lot of news has come from the doctors. However, there has been a little bit of information about the treatment that he has undergone. The German doctors are a bit disappointed that the Peruvian doctors treated Jason with the most powerful type of chemo meds. These meds are extremely tough on Jason’s heart. In addition, there is nothing more they can do if the cancer does come back again.  We are still holding tight on whether he can still be eligible for a transplant. This whole thing is a bit sketchy as the information is really limited. However, one good bit of information is that he may be coming back to Cusco for a while. His treatment is in a place where he can do outpatient meds from the clinic in Cusco.
So once again, we are just waiting for more information. Please continue to pray for Jason and his family. More updates to come as info comes in.  Thanks for keeping this situation in your prayers.
Praise Report
Thanks to so many of you that have helped us in obtaining the funds to purchase a vehicle. We are now the proud owners of a Hyundai Galloper 4WD SUV. We are so excited to have the freedom and flexibility that having a vehicle provides. Thanks again and praise God for generous people like so many of you.

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Mike Grober said...

praying for you guys and Jason. excited about your new vehicle - I know how much it was needed.