Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jason Has left the Hospital

Cuando vamos a jugar? When are we gonna play? These words from an excited little Jason just filled my ears with jubilee. I just got off the phone with Jason. He is at the hospital with Teri finalizing the paperwork for his trip to Lima tomorrow.
It is with great delight and joy that I write. Jason has been in the hospital now for about 7 months and has left for about an hour during that time. I am happy to tell you that he is going to spend the night with his family in their own home. Teri and the mom packed up all their things that they had at the hospital and hauled it to their house in Huilkarpay.
Tomorrow the journey to Lima starts. It is the first time to Lima for the Jason or his mother. They are out of their league for sure. Teri has been working on the details of which are far from abundant. In fact, there is hardly any information about the place where they may or may not be staying, whether there is any type of furniture, bedding, cooking facilities, or anything for that matter. Teri is going into this with an open mind. She is ready to help them with getting settled into the big city. She has two days to accomplish the task. I must say I am a bit jealous that she gets to go with them. She deserves the blessing more than anyone. I am so blessed to see my amazing wife just dive into the life of this kid and his family. Tearing up as I write.
The situation is this: Jason heads to Lima tomorrow to have an operation to remove his testicles. They have been damaged beyond repair from the chemotherapy. Once he recovers from that, he will be run through a barrage of tests that need to be done before the bone marrow transplant. In the meantime, the doctors are working to secure the location of the BMT. It is almost for sure to be in Santiago, Chile. Jason will be in Lima for about 3-5 weeks. Sometime during this period, Antauro, Jason’s little brother and bone marrow donor, will need to meet up with the doctors in Lima. From, there they all will be heading to the BMT center. That is what the scenario looks like at this moment.
I am super excited to see this thing moving forward. As many of you have been following this story, you know that this has been a wild ride. I beg you to continue to keep Jason and his family in your prayers. We are not out of the woods yet. We still do not have a total number for the costs of the process, but it looks like it may be around $30,000 US dollars.  We are scrounging up resources from everywhere. I know that God will provide.  If you would like to chip in to support this little guy and his family, you can send tax deductable donations to Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene-Missions. They have graciously agreed to help with the process of donations. Please make sure that you write Jason in Peru on the memo line on the check. The address is:
601 State Route 94 North
Warwick, NY 10990
If you want to make other donations and need help, please respond back to scott at scott@themeetingplacecusco.com.
Thanks in advance for your prayers and financial support. More updates to come…

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Jean Pierre and Jason

Emma and Jean Pierre
It is with a sad heart and reality streaming through my thoughts as I tell Jean Pierre, feliz cumpleanos. It may be his last. He is one of the kids in the leukemia ward that is fighting for life. He is thin. In fact, when I was a kid, I watched Sally Struthers on the TV asking for donations to help starving African kids. Those images of malnourished children are brought back as I see the bony structure of Jean Pierre. He may not make it to his next birthday…rough reality.
As Teri packs up each week for her visits to the hospital, I know it must be going through her mind as well. In fact, we have talked about the urgency that she feels when she says good bye. It may not happen again.  It makes one think a bit differently about how to say good bye.
Well, it was his birthday, so we celebrated his life. He still has a smile. He still has life. He can still blow out his candle and eat the cake. So we did. It was a fantastic day of blowing bubbles, playing games, and celebrating Jean Pierre.  As you pray, lift this young kid up. He is struggling through something I cannot even imagine. He is doing it with resolve, but it is tough. In fact there is a handful of kids here in the Hospital Antonio Lorena that need prayer.  Feel free to pray for them by name. Luciana, Jean Pierre, Michael (just went back home), Kelli, Jason, Juan Daniel, and Felicitades. There are more that come and go as they finish treatment or are between certain types of medications. However, they all need your prayer. Also, please pray for my lovely wife that is pouring her life into these kids. She loves it, but it is not easy.
Never short of a smile!
Kelli and Emma
As for Jason, he just recently had a birthday. He is looking forward to his next. It looks a lot more likely than Jean Pierre. However, Jason has a lot of hills to climb in the coming months. Regardless of the future, we were able to celebrate Jason’s birthday with lots of excitement. My wife Teri grew up in a home where birthdays were really celebrated. Needless to say, she can pull out the stops for birthdays!
Jason and His Mother
Sweet Luciana
While at the hospital, the kids got a little too wild and got busted by the head doctor. Apparently we all were not acting like we should in a hospital. Not to worry…She has no idea what kind of medicine laughter and fun really are. It is just what these kids need and want. That is what Teri was able to bring to the table. Bubbles with Ninja Jason trying to karate chop each one before they explode on the cold dry floor. Some of the parents joined in the festivities with a game of volleyball with balloons over the steel partition for the rooms. It went on and on…Then it was time for the cake. Tradition has it that the song “ Happy Birthday” is sung in English. Not sure what form of English they were using, but it had a slight resemblance to the one we sing in the US. After the song, then the candle gets blown out, then the face of the birthday boy gets gently shoved into the cake. Like clockwork. It was great to see the smiles. Happy Birthday Jason and Jean Pierre. I pray and wish many more in the future for you both! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jason Cleared for Travel

Emma and Jason hangin' out in the leukemia ward

We just got clearance for Jason to travel to Lima with his mother and brother. The doctor asked if I knew anyone that would be able to arrange for the tickets and take them as it will be a difficult journey to a big intimidating city where this family has never traveled.  My initial thought was correct! My wife would love to go and serve this family in this capacity. What an amazing woman she is! I am so proud of how she has just jumped on board with getting our little Jason some help.
Here is the deal. We first have to get Jason to Lima for some final tests. From there it looks like he will need to be transferred to the final facility to do the bone marrow transplant. It looks like Chile is the destination. The cost at this point is estimated to be around $30,000 dollars. Gulp!!! That is a big number to come up with. I am confident that God has a reason to keep Jason around. It is no accident that Jason has beat this cancer once already, triumphed over a blood infection in his brain that had him in a coma for days,  and has been blessed with a donor which is a huge miracle in and of itself. Those are all huge mountains that have been conquered.
Jason has been prayed for like no other…I am so thankful for so many of you that have been following Jason’s story. Please keep him in your prayers. We are not finished by any means. It just now gets a bit more exciting. 
There have been many of you that have expressed interest in helping Jason. Some already have made contributions. We are now at the time where Jason needs the bone marrow transplant. We are working with a number of organizations here to help with the costs. However, many of those have been providing the medical treatment to this point. This bone marrow transplant is not all covered by the government.  The family has nothing. What I am excited to see is God’s faithful, jump in and help my little friend get another shot at life.
Please pray and consider how you can help. The outflow starts here. We have the resources for the Lima portion of the trip, but not for the travel to Chile and the medical cost of Chile. For that, we will need a lot of people chipping in to make a difference. We have set up a way to make donations to Jason’s cause via a church in New York that is going to help with some of the administration. A big thank you to Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene for your willingness to jump in and help!!!
Checks can be made out to "WVCN-Missions" or "Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene-Missions" or simply "WVCN". Please write “ for Jason in Peru”  on the memo line of the check to make it easier for tracking. Also, please mail it to the attention of:
Linda Krupp, NMI President
Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene
601 State Route 94 North
Warwick, NY 10990

If any of you would like more information about Jason, or have any creative ways to come up with the resources to make this thing happen, I am all ears. Keep praying and trusting! God is working!
Scott Englund, Missionary in Peru