Thursday, August 2, 2012

Take a look at Teri's new ministry

Teri working with little Jason
As we continue to wait for results for Jason, I have a wonderful story to tell you about how God works in the lives of the Englund family. It was out of sheer frustration that I pursued a meeting with the German doctors that are treating my friend Jason. After many hours of waiting for the connection that seemed like it would never happen, I finally had a chance to connect with the doctors. It was an informative meeting to say the least. I also developed a good relationship with them. In fact, that same day in the afternoon, the doctors and one of their families came to The Meeting Place for a meal. They continued to come and became regulars. It was during one of those times at the cafĂ©, that they had asked me about the possibility of finding someone to develop a visitation program for the children’s cancer ward at the hospital. I had just had a talk with Teri about ministry in which she might be interested. As the docs were pleading for help in finding someone, I thought of Teri and whether this would be an option for her.
As I continued thinking about the possibilities, I could not stop thinking that Teri would be the perfect person to take on this project. Not only was she interested, but she was excited about it. We quickly met again with the doctors and went over the details of what they were hoping for.
Teri has begun. She is jumping on board with this new ministry like I never could imagine. It is right down her alley.
Kellie and Emma hanging out
Teri is going into the restricted part of the hospital to spend time with the young kids and youth that are being treated for cancer. These kids are often out of commission for up to a year without any interaction from outside. They get treated by the doctors, but there is limited physical, mental, or social activity while there in the hospital. Teri is now bringing a barrage of books, games, activities, and love to the lives of these precious kids, one of which is my little buddy Jason. I cannot tell you how proud I am to see my lovely wife touching these kids in this way. Not only is she doing it herself, but she has also been given a pass into the hospital which allows our family to get into this special part of the hospital. She has been taking Kayle and Emma as well. They are on their school break. What a cool thing for my kids to be involved in as well. We are a blessed family for sure.
So, as we wait for the results of the bone marrow compatibility tests from Germany, I can tell you that things are moving and shaking in Cusco. Please be in prayer as we wait for the results. Depending on what we hear, we may have any number of options. I know many of you have offered help, and we are still waiting on what is needed. As soon as I get a more definitive need, I will be letting you know. Please be in prayer about how you may be able to help. I can also tell you that Teri will need some resources for materials for the kids in the cancer ward as well. One thing for certain, resources are vital to ministry. That is exactly why we are here in the ministry: to fund projects through our business ministries by supporting local projects and needs that have no consistent and sustained way to resource themselves.  Prayer and finances are the lifeblood of our ministry.
Thank you all for supporting our work here in Peru through your constant prayer and financial support.
The Englund Family -Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma

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Cindy Loo Who said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This could not be any more perfect for her. SO excited for her. Having been my limited time with her in the medical clinics. Her patience, love, helpfulness... wow. This is wonderful. Putting this new journey on the prayer board for sure, when we are praying for you all!!!
Love you guys! So proud and in awe of the way you are the Hands and Feet of Jesus! Tell her how proud we are and how much love and admiration we have for her and this new calling.
Be well all! Love you guys! The Trebles!!!!