Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lots of happenings in Peru with the Englund Family

The Saga of Jason
Jason and his artwork
Jason is in a holding pattern right now as he has just a couple weeks of Chemo left to take. He is not doing so well from the outside. Although he is a kid that understands life like many of us hope for. He wants to live. One can see it in the way he fights through the cancer. He has something about him that gives you the impression that he plans on living past this little hiccup in life. It is really encouraging to see him hanging in there.
We have some possible good news as of yesterday. The German doctors have been in communication with a hospital facility in Lima that are shooting for being ready to do pediatric bone marrow transplants in October. This fits within Jason’s timeline. However, I am not totally hopeful as I understand the culture here all too well. If it is possible by October, that means maybe by the beginning of the New Year. Not always, but generally that is the case. I hope that in this case, that the facility will be ready in October and our super complicated problem will be reduced greatly. That would be something to pray for!

The Meeting Place Café Needs Volunteers
We are still looking and praying that God would provide us with some volunteers for the café. We need short and long term volunteers to work in the café. These people would be people that want to come down and serve while living in and enjoying a new culture. We are seeking two types of volunteers. Specifically, we are looking to find a good manager of our operations in the café. This would be someone that can commit to at least 6 months but preferably a year or two. They would be responsible for running the café. Ii would like to step back and be in a support role which would give me the flexibility to operate the MotoMission ministry.
The other need we have is for short term volunteers that would like to take a trip to Peru and serve with us for a couple of weeks up to a couple of years. We can put together a program for you to stay at the café, volunteer in the café or one of our projects, and you can even learn Spanish while you are here.  If you or someone you know may be interested, please let us know. Pray for lots of good volunteers to join us soon.  

Huilkarpay-Go Fly a kite!
Arturo flying high with his new kite
Just recently The Meeting Place Ministry has been able to provide some vital resources for the Huilkarpay Jardin. This is a preschool type facility that is owned by the government. However, the government does not provide the needed supplies, only the building and the teacher. This is a place dear to our hearts as a place that we get the opportunity to work each week. These kids are precious. Also for those that do not know, this is the community in which Jason and his family live. In fact, Jason’s little brother Antauro(his bone marrow donor) attends the Jardin/school. This last Tuesday, the kids made kites and enjoyed the windy season for a day. Many smiles were had!

Altivas Canas Project is Moving Forward
The children’s project is moving along rapidly. In fact, ground has been broken on the neighboring facility, and is in a rough construction phase. The shell of the building is up to the third floor. It has not roof on it, but that should be coming soon. Quintina was able to borrow some additional resources to move the project along. We are excited to see Quintina moving forward instead of waiting for us to finish it. She is a wonderful woman with a heart for touching the lives of the kids in her community. Please keep her in your prayers. She has a lot of work to do.
View of the new construction
This is the project that to which we are directing the profits from MotoMission. We have not fully funded the MotoMission project, so our current tours and income is actually funding the rest of the start up capital of the business. Once the MotoMission project is fully funded, then all the profits will be directed to the Altivas Canas project. Our goal is to have this building completed and an endowment set up to fund the monthly needs of the project. Our time line is to complete this in 5 years or less. We are moving along at a good pace. Please pray how you might involve yourself with this awesome project. We are still seeking a partner or partners for a vehicle that we can use for the MotoMission project as well as our own family and mission transportation.

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