Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally Some Good News About Jason

This morning, my lovely wife is at the immigration office with Jason’s mother working out some of the details of what is needed to obtain passports for Jason, his mother, and the donor that just happens to be Jason’s little brother, Antauro. Praise God we have a donor!
I have to say that I was a bit stressed when I was told that Antauro is a viable donor. The reason is because I understand the mountain that now needs to be climbed before the operation is done.
As I had a good chat with the doctors, they gave me one option that frankly scares me to death. Take Jason, Antauro, and mother to Germany for a minimum of 4 months to complete the operation and have enough recovery time to make sure he is ok. There are a number of doctors there that will do their work for free. However, the other dozens of people involved will need to get paid. So, essentially the procedure will be around 150K Euros. Not an easy task to just come up with the equivalent of 185K US dollars.
So tomorrow, Teri and I are going to help get all the paperwork complete for the passports for all three of the family members. Jason, who is finishing up a batch of chemo today, will need to go personally to the immigration office to get a picture taken. Apparently there is no other way to get the paperwork done. They have one camera in all of Cusco to take the right type of picture and it is only at the immigration office that we can do it. That is Peru for you! Thank God Jason is able to walk and get around. However, the risk of infection and picking up bacteria is rather high.  Gotta do what you gotta do! Passports are needed regardless of where Jason gets the operation so we have to start there…
At this point, we are still searching for places that can do the operation. So far, Peru is out. We are trying to confirm with Argentina and Chile to see if they have a facility that can handle bone marrow transplants for kids.
I am excited to get through the first step in this process. The task of raising money is daunting, but it is necessary.  At this point, it looks like we just need to move forward knowing that it will take a mountain of resources. Once we get the hospital location and the final costs, we will have a more precise number. In the meantime, we need your help! Jason needs this operation and without the resources to do it, it won’t get done.
If you would like to make a donation, at this point, we can do it personally (without a tax receipt) and a check can be made out to Scott and Teri Englund (make sure you write on the memo line that it is for Jason). Send direct donations to 275 Palermo Drive, Oroville CA 95966. The other option is to send it through our mission organization, Commission to Every Nation. They can provide a tax receipt, but not all of the donation will go Jason as they take out an administration percentage. Checks can be made out to Commission to Every Nation. Make sure you note that the donation is for Scott and Teri  Englund.  Donations through CTEN can be sent to PO Box 291307 Kerrville, TX 78029-1307. You can also donate online via the following link:
Or you can contact CTEN by phone at (800) 872-5404.
We will keep you posted as we continue to climb this mountain. Thanks for your prayers and support as we do what we can to help this lovely family.
Until next time,
Scott Englund

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Christie said...

So glad to hear that there are options for Jason. I cringe to think of his brother as the donor. :( Bless this momma's heart.

I heard a story not too long ago of a child from my neighborhood having a bone marrow transplant in Buenos Aires, about 10 years ago, using her twin sister as the donor. I don't know any more detail than that, but I hope you can find something closer to "home" for this family. Still praying a bit south of you....