Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Rat in the Cancer Ward

Conversation went like this…
Me:  What did you say, Kayle?
Kayle: I saw a rat
Me:  You saw a what?
Kayle: A rat
Me: A real live rat? Like a mouse kind of rat?
Kayle: Yeah, I just saw it run across the floor over by Jason’s little area. Jason saw it too. Yep it was a rat.
This conversation took place behind the closed door of the children’s leukemia ward. Keep in mind this is the same place that has a sign on the door that restricts visitors and highlights that it is a clean zone. This is what we are up against here.

So today was an exciting day with Jason. He has been in the hospital for about 4 months now. Not a very exciting place to hang out. However, because of the fact that we have a donor, we now need to figure out the next step in the process. Passports!!!
Our little gangster Jason at the immigration office...
So after some persuasion of the Peruvian doctor (the German Doctors asked if I could start the passport process and then left town for a few days), we finally got her to agree to let Jason leave the hospital.  Keep in mind that he has been inside of the hospital for 4 months. This was a field trip of a lifetime for Jason. We got him all bundled up from top to bottom. He needed sunglasses to protect his eyes, his face mask, and full length pajamas. He looked like a midget gangster in PJ’s as we rolled up to the immigration office to get his passport photos taken. We were all quite nervous about Jason as we knew it was not a good idea to take him out of the hospital, but it was a necessary thing to do in order to get him out of the country for a bone marrow transplant.
We got him in and out quite fast. Nothing goes fast here in Peru. However, when you have a couple of bold people with a specific mission to get Jason a passport quickly, things get done. So in and out we went; Back to the hospital in less than an hour. It was a successful journey. Passports…Check! Satisfied doctors…Check!...Smile on Jason’s face after a nice little field trip…Check!
Now, we are in the process of finding a place to do the operation. Please keep this in the forefront of your prayers. God is in the middle of this thing for sure.  I will keep you posted over the next few weeks as we get to some big decision points. Please be in prayer about how you might be able to help.
More to come soon!

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