Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lots of happenings in Peru with the Englund Family

The Saga of Jason
Jason and his artwork
Jason is in a holding pattern right now as he has just a couple weeks of Chemo left to take. He is not doing so well from the outside. Although he is a kid that understands life like many of us hope for. He wants to live. One can see it in the way he fights through the cancer. He has something about him that gives you the impression that he plans on living past this little hiccup in life. It is really encouraging to see him hanging in there.
We have some possible good news as of yesterday. The German doctors have been in communication with a hospital facility in Lima that are shooting for being ready to do pediatric bone marrow transplants in October. This fits within Jason’s timeline. However, I am not totally hopeful as I understand the culture here all too well. If it is possible by October, that means maybe by the beginning of the New Year. Not always, but generally that is the case. I hope that in this case, that the facility will be ready in October and our super complicated problem will be reduced greatly. That would be something to pray for!

The Meeting Place Café Needs Volunteers
We are still looking and praying that God would provide us with some volunteers for the café. We need short and long term volunteers to work in the café. These people would be people that want to come down and serve while living in and enjoying a new culture. We are seeking two types of volunteers. Specifically, we are looking to find a good manager of our operations in the café. This would be someone that can commit to at least 6 months but preferably a year or two. They would be responsible for running the café. Ii would like to step back and be in a support role which would give me the flexibility to operate the MotoMission ministry.
The other need we have is for short term volunteers that would like to take a trip to Peru and serve with us for a couple of weeks up to a couple of years. We can put together a program for you to stay at the café, volunteer in the café or one of our projects, and you can even learn Spanish while you are here.  If you or someone you know may be interested, please let us know. Pray for lots of good volunteers to join us soon.  

Huilkarpay-Go Fly a kite!
Arturo flying high with his new kite
Just recently The Meeting Place Ministry has been able to provide some vital resources for the Huilkarpay Jardin. This is a preschool type facility that is owned by the government. However, the government does not provide the needed supplies, only the building and the teacher. This is a place dear to our hearts as a place that we get the opportunity to work each week. These kids are precious. Also for those that do not know, this is the community in which Jason and his family live. In fact, Jason’s little brother Antauro(his bone marrow donor) attends the Jardin/school. This last Tuesday, the kids made kites and enjoyed the windy season for a day. Many smiles were had!

Altivas Canas Project is Moving Forward
The children’s project is moving along rapidly. In fact, ground has been broken on the neighboring facility, and is in a rough construction phase. The shell of the building is up to the third floor. It has not roof on it, but that should be coming soon. Quintina was able to borrow some additional resources to move the project along. We are excited to see Quintina moving forward instead of waiting for us to finish it. She is a wonderful woman with a heart for touching the lives of the kids in her community. Please keep her in your prayers. She has a lot of work to do.
View of the new construction
This is the project that to which we are directing the profits from MotoMission. We have not fully funded the MotoMission project, so our current tours and income is actually funding the rest of the start up capital of the business. Once the MotoMission project is fully funded, then all the profits will be directed to the Altivas Canas project. Our goal is to have this building completed and an endowment set up to fund the monthly needs of the project. Our time line is to complete this in 5 years or less. We are moving along at a good pace. Please pray how you might involve yourself with this awesome project. We are still seeking a partner or partners for a vehicle that we can use for the MotoMission project as well as our own family and mission transportation.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Rat in the Cancer Ward

Conversation went like this…
Me:  What did you say, Kayle?
Kayle: I saw a rat
Me:  You saw a what?
Kayle: A rat
Me: A real live rat? Like a mouse kind of rat?
Kayle: Yeah, I just saw it run across the floor over by Jason’s little area. Jason saw it too. Yep it was a rat.
This conversation took place behind the closed door of the children’s leukemia ward. Keep in mind this is the same place that has a sign on the door that restricts visitors and highlights that it is a clean zone. This is what we are up against here.

So today was an exciting day with Jason. He has been in the hospital for about 4 months now. Not a very exciting place to hang out. However, because of the fact that we have a donor, we now need to figure out the next step in the process. Passports!!!
Our little gangster Jason at the immigration office...
So after some persuasion of the Peruvian doctor (the German Doctors asked if I could start the passport process and then left town for a few days), we finally got her to agree to let Jason leave the hospital.  Keep in mind that he has been inside of the hospital for 4 months. This was a field trip of a lifetime for Jason. We got him all bundled up from top to bottom. He needed sunglasses to protect his eyes, his face mask, and full length pajamas. He looked like a midget gangster in PJ’s as we rolled up to the immigration office to get his passport photos taken. We were all quite nervous about Jason as we knew it was not a good idea to take him out of the hospital, but it was a necessary thing to do in order to get him out of the country for a bone marrow transplant.
We got him in and out quite fast. Nothing goes fast here in Peru. However, when you have a couple of bold people with a specific mission to get Jason a passport quickly, things get done. So in and out we went; Back to the hospital in less than an hour. It was a successful journey. Passports…Check! Satisfied doctors…Check!...Smile on Jason’s face after a nice little field trip…Check!
Now, we are in the process of finding a place to do the operation. Please keep this in the forefront of your prayers. God is in the middle of this thing for sure.  I will keep you posted over the next few weeks as we get to some big decision points. Please be in prayer about how you might be able to help.
More to come soon!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally Some Good News About Jason

This morning, my lovely wife is at the immigration office with Jason’s mother working out some of the details of what is needed to obtain passports for Jason, his mother, and the donor that just happens to be Jason’s little brother, Antauro. Praise God we have a donor!
I have to say that I was a bit stressed when I was told that Antauro is a viable donor. The reason is because I understand the mountain that now needs to be climbed before the operation is done.
As I had a good chat with the doctors, they gave me one option that frankly scares me to death. Take Jason, Antauro, and mother to Germany for a minimum of 4 months to complete the operation and have enough recovery time to make sure he is ok. There are a number of doctors there that will do their work for free. However, the other dozens of people involved will need to get paid. So, essentially the procedure will be around 150K Euros. Not an easy task to just come up with the equivalent of 185K US dollars.
So tomorrow, Teri and I are going to help get all the paperwork complete for the passports for all three of the family members. Jason, who is finishing up a batch of chemo today, will need to go personally to the immigration office to get a picture taken. Apparently there is no other way to get the paperwork done. They have one camera in all of Cusco to take the right type of picture and it is only at the immigration office that we can do it. That is Peru for you! Thank God Jason is able to walk and get around. However, the risk of infection and picking up bacteria is rather high.  Gotta do what you gotta do! Passports are needed regardless of where Jason gets the operation so we have to start there…
At this point, we are still searching for places that can do the operation. So far, Peru is out. We are trying to confirm with Argentina and Chile to see if they have a facility that can handle bone marrow transplants for kids.
I am excited to get through the first step in this process. The task of raising money is daunting, but it is necessary.  At this point, it looks like we just need to move forward knowing that it will take a mountain of resources. Once we get the hospital location and the final costs, we will have a more precise number. In the meantime, we need your help! Jason needs this operation and without the resources to do it, it won’t get done.
If you would like to make a donation, at this point, we can do it personally (without a tax receipt) and a check can be made out to Scott and Teri Englund (make sure you write on the memo line that it is for Jason). Send direct donations to 275 Palermo Drive, Oroville CA 95966. The other option is to send it through our mission organization, Commission to Every Nation. They can provide a tax receipt, but not all of the donation will go Jason as they take out an administration percentage. Checks can be made out to Commission to Every Nation. Make sure you note that the donation is for Scott and Teri  Englund.  Donations through CTEN can be sent to PO Box 291307 Kerrville, TX 78029-1307. You can also donate online via the following link:
Or you can contact CTEN by phone at (800) 872-5404.
We will keep you posted as we continue to climb this mountain. Thanks for your prayers and support as we do what we can to help this lovely family.
Until next time,
Scott Englund

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Take a look at Teri's new ministry

Teri working with little Jason
As we continue to wait for results for Jason, I have a wonderful story to tell you about how God works in the lives of the Englund family. It was out of sheer frustration that I pursued a meeting with the German doctors that are treating my friend Jason. After many hours of waiting for the connection that seemed like it would never happen, I finally had a chance to connect with the doctors. It was an informative meeting to say the least. I also developed a good relationship with them. In fact, that same day in the afternoon, the doctors and one of their families came to The Meeting Place for a meal. They continued to come and became regulars. It was during one of those times at the café, that they had asked me about the possibility of finding someone to develop a visitation program for the children’s cancer ward at the hospital. I had just had a talk with Teri about ministry in which she might be interested. As the docs were pleading for help in finding someone, I thought of Teri and whether this would be an option for her.
As I continued thinking about the possibilities, I could not stop thinking that Teri would be the perfect person to take on this project. Not only was she interested, but she was excited about it. We quickly met again with the doctors and went over the details of what they were hoping for.
Teri has begun. She is jumping on board with this new ministry like I never could imagine. It is right down her alley.
Kellie and Emma hanging out
Teri is going into the restricted part of the hospital to spend time with the young kids and youth that are being treated for cancer. These kids are often out of commission for up to a year without any interaction from outside. They get treated by the doctors, but there is limited physical, mental, or social activity while there in the hospital. Teri is now bringing a barrage of books, games, activities, and love to the lives of these precious kids, one of which is my little buddy Jason. I cannot tell you how proud I am to see my lovely wife touching these kids in this way. Not only is she doing it herself, but she has also been given a pass into the hospital which allows our family to get into this special part of the hospital. She has been taking Kayle and Emma as well. They are on their school break. What a cool thing for my kids to be involved in as well. We are a blessed family for sure.
So, as we wait for the results of the bone marrow compatibility tests from Germany, I can tell you that things are moving and shaking in Cusco. Please be in prayer as we wait for the results. Depending on what we hear, we may have any number of options. I know many of you have offered help, and we are still waiting on what is needed. As soon as I get a more definitive need, I will be letting you know. Please be in prayer about how you may be able to help. I can also tell you that Teri will need some resources for materials for the kids in the cancer ward as well. One thing for certain, resources are vital to ministry. That is exactly why we are here in the ministry: to fund projects through our business ministries by supporting local projects and needs that have no consistent and sustained way to resource themselves.  Prayer and finances are the lifeblood of our ministry.
Thank you all for supporting our work here in Peru through your constant prayer and financial support.
The Englund Family -Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma