Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th update on Jason

So for now, I am waiting on a meeting with the doctors to see what our options are for Jason. It is necessary for him to have a bone marrow transplant. This, in and of itself, is a mountain to climb as the procedure cannot be done in Peru. The cost of going outside is quite frightening and disheartening for the family The entire cost according the father is about $12,000 dollars. Just the cost of plane tickets to put Jason and his 7 year old sister  Chaska, on a plane along with Mom, would be more money than they make in a couple of years of wages. That doesn’t even include the cost of the medical work. They are scared and overwhelmed. I cannot imagine the emotion and gut wrenching inside Narcisso, Jason’s father. I am sitting with him on a park bench outside the cancer ward. He is a tough man…But having a situation to face as he is facing is breaking him down. Keep him in your prayers. Just like most parents (I should not have to say that, but you know what I mean), they want their kids to live life to the fullest. This is a challenge for all involved.
Jason's younger sister Chaska
The update is this. Jason needs bone marrow. The cancer is eating him alive and time is becoming scarcer. Chaska, Jason’s younger sister is able to donate bone marrow. Not an easy task for a 7 year old princess. She is like the rest of the family; she wants Jason to live. She is willing to do the operation. I am not sure she really knows what that entails, but this family has pulled together to climb this mountain.
This is the place in the blood lab that they take your vitals...
At this point, Jason is using a ton of blood. At first we were looking for 8 donors. We have sent 20 plus donors and we are still short. He is constantly bleeding. His teeth and gums are inflamed and will not stop bleeding. I am not sure why, but it is part of the process of the cancer. Regardless, we are still searching for more blood donors through the cafĂ©. It has been a blessing to have a platform to be able to connect with people that may be able to help. I am going to have to turn up the heat and get the word out even more. I can’t stand to see this little guy in this condition. Every time I see Jason and visit, he comes across as a strong and fearless kid. I try to come across to Jason the same way. However, when I step away after saying I will be back soon, I find my stomach cinching up, my heart crumbling, and my eyes welling up with tears. I just want to fix it…This is a faith issue. God does have everything under control. It just looks like from my silly human standpoint, that maybe He is on lunch break.
I am not sure of what the outcome will be. However, I do have faith that God wins the game in the end.  There is so much comfort in knowing that.
As we continue this journey with Jason, please continue to pray. Also, I am not sure of the other needs in the mix, but I am asking for you to be ready in case I make a big ask for him. I am not sure what it will take to get him well, but I am ready to fight alongside this precious boy.  
That is it for now. I am still waiting for the doctors to arrive. As I find more information, I will let you know. Thanks so much for your prayers and support.
Please click on the following link if you would like to make a donation for Jason.
You may also contact Commission to Every Nation via phone to make a donation as well. The phone number is 800-896-8326

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