Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Heavy Picture

A Heavy Picture
It is not an easy task to continue to have this huge burden for my little friend Jason. I wish I could do more, but there are limits to everything. As I have been able to communicate with the doctors, I keep getting good news and then immediately afterwards, the bad news comes. It is more like the emotional ups and downs of a bad horror movie from the 80’s.
I am not sure what it is about it, but I have a picture of Jason and his mother that brings me to tears each time I put my eyes on it. It is a real picture, with real faces that have all types of emotion etched in the both of them. With Jason, the first thing I notice is that I have no other pictures of him without hair. This little guy had a head full of greasy black hair. Almost always he is in a hat. In fact, as I think back, I cannot even picture Jason without a hat on his head. He usually has a cool little bucket cap as part of his school uniform. That is the Jason I am accustomed to. This picture rips me apart.
As for Iliana, the mother, just knowing how she loves her baby, and then seeing her face in the same picture, I see lots of mixed emotions. She has done this before. Seeing her Jason in a hospital bed is not something new to her, but it is a burden that is all too heavy. She is tired of living this way. Her lifestyle is plain and simple. However, this picture spells out the fear in her heart. She is not peaceful about Jason’s condition. Normally,  she is really focused on service and hospitality; Fixing a last minute bowl of soup as we show up to her house unannounced. In this picture, she is worried, but not about if the soup is going to impress the guests. It is a picture of a mother who wants what every mother wants: for her children to grow up and have a good life.
I need to say nothing else. The picture tells a long story. As you look at this picture of my friend Jason, please take a moment to lift him up in prayer along with his mother, his father, his little brother Antauro, and his little sister Chaska. There is nothing more that I would wish for but a miracle for Jason. Please keep on praying. This little guy needs every bit of it!
If you would like to help out the family with supporting some of the medical needs as they prepare for a bone marrow transplant, we can funnel funds to the family personally. Contact us if you can make a donation and we can give you the options available. We are trying to set up a donation point through a church for tax purposes, but it may still take a few more days. Please ask if you have any questions. Jason and his family are thankful for any help you can provide.
Scott Englund

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Christie said...

This is a heart-wrenching picture. I am praying for the whole family, for a miracle, for funds to cover their expenses, for peace and the comfort of the Lord.