Friday, June 29, 2012

Where to Start...

Where do I start?
Our lives in Peru have been riddled with so many crazy happenings. I am not sure where to start. For one, many of you have been praying and following the story of Jason. Also, we have had some other things happen in our lives that have been difficult and part of a growing process at the same time. In addition, I would like to update you on a number of great things that are happening as well.  I will just put each in its respective place and give you the scoop (as condensed as possible).

How is Jason?
The facility where Jason has been for the past 2 months
Jason has been trudging through his chemo treatments as if he knows the ropes. He does…This tough little guy is doing it for the second time…When many never face such trial in their entire lifetimes he is only 9.  I am humbly reminded that this is Jason’s second go with this disease. According to my math, he has already used 20 units of blood. He is still in need of 8 more at the moment. He has been running through vitamins and medicine in pretty large portions. We have committed to keeping Jason stocked up on this stuff.  He is a special little guy! I am not sure how far out it will go, but if anyone would like to help out with some funds to help Jason with his needs, it would be appreciated.  I just heard word that the surgery that he needs cannot be done here in Cusco. He will either have to go to Lima or Argentina. I would like to be able to help out the family where we can. This little guy is dear to our hearts and there is a large group of people here and there rooting for him. Please keep him in your prayers. Also, if you would like to make a donation for Jason, you can do it through Commission to Every Nation by clicking on the following link- or you can contact CTEN by phone at (800) 872-5404. Make sure to let them know it is for Jason and the Englund’s in Peru so the funds get designated correctly.

The Gathering
I am excited to tell you that our Sunday night gathering has been going great. We have stripped out all traditional church and begin with a discussion topic that hovers on the fence of opinions. It creates a open forum where every religion can feel comfortable bringing their personal opinions. If we cannot know what they think, we will never know how to share our faith with them. After the discussion, we invite those that would like to stay and worship, to join us for a time of music and prayer. So far it has been well received. So far, we have had Buddhists, Catholics, Jewish, Christian, atheists, New Age, and possibly a few more other types of philosophies and religions represented. Please keep our ministry in your prayers.

MotoMission Tour #2

We have two tours under our belts now! Our promotion has officially begun locally as we try to fill daily tour spots by reaching local tourists that only have time for a short tour. We are also trying to raise the rest of the initial capital in order to purchase the final motorcycle and chase vehicle to be able to offer the large multi-day tours. If you would like to sponsor all or a portion of either one of these pieces of equipment, please let me know. Our current need is about $12K for the fourth motorcycle and $15K for the chase vehicle. You can also go directly to the link at Commission to Every Nation at or call CTEN by phone at 800-872-5404. Specify that it is for the MotoMission project and Englund Family.

Our Family
Kayle has had a rough go with life over the past few weeks. Her bunny was loved to death(literally) by our black lab puppy. Then, we replaced the bunny with another puppy thinking that the bigger puppy would not eat the other. Then, the little puppy got too close to the edge of the steps going to the roof and fell off to the concrete below. A broken leg and dislocated knee made for a tough day or two for a 12 year old girl to handle, even one so tough and strong like Kayle. In addition, her wonderful spirit and responsibility has lead her teacher at school to trust her so much that Kayle was put into the position of monitor for the class when the teacher steps out. That is great for the teacher, but not so good for Kayle and her social status. Nobody likes the hall monitor! We have been able to talk with the teacher and things seem to be getting better. Keep my precious girl in your prayers…It ain’t always easy being a kid!
a camera and a ball pit...priceless!
Teri and I celebrated our 18th anniversary this past week. Wow, has time flown by. We were able to escape for a fun day in the Sacred Valley. We still enjoy each other after all these years! What a blessing!
As for Emma, I will let the picture say it all…What a goofball! It’s great to have one in the family that can bust us up laughing when finished with a long day!

The Meeting Place
We are still looking for a full time missionary to come and work as the manager of The Meeting Place. This is a great opportunity to serve as a full time missionary in an amazing country, learn another language and culture, and have fun, exciting, and meaningful work.  If you know anyone that might be interested please send them our way. As for now, we have had a number of wonderful volunteers come through which has given us a little break on the workload. Praise God for that!
That is the update about the happenings in Cusco. We will keep you posted as things happen. Again, we do want to thank those that have been so faithful in supporting our mission here in Cusco. Your partnership is a real blessing.

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