Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update on Jason: He needs blood!

 Behind these doors are a handful of kids with leukemia...Not so inviting is it?

I just got back from the hospital to see my little friend Jason. Wow, what an encouragement it was to see him. He was up and around, albeit still connected to an IV on a rolling stand.  He has been heavy on my heart as he is short quite a bit of blood for a needed operation. However, he seemed like he was doing really good. His parents are positive, the doctors are positive, and now I am really positive.
My point of going to visit besides just saying hi, was to bring a soccer ball to Jason that had been signed by all of the kids from his little community. His eyes lit up when he saw it…My hope was that it would be an encouragement for him. I told him that we need another player and that he needed to get well soon so we can play. He told me that in three weeks he would be out on the field. Gotta love this little guy! He is all about soccer…
The update on Jason is basically that he needs to have 15 more units of blood, or 15 more donors. I currently have a sign up in the caf√© in hopes to find the donors he needs. This is a big order, but nothing too big for the One who created Jason in the first place.  I am confident that God will provide for the needs of this little fellow.
Jason is all taken care of at the moment. I just purchased some more milk and vitamins for him today. The doctor asked if I could round up some pajamas for him as he has been sleeping in the clothes in which he arrived at the hospital. I hooked my little bro up with some cool PJs…I cannot wait to deliver them…
So there is the update on Jason. Please continue to pray as he needs an operation to remove his testicles as the chemo has destroyed a lot of things in his body. He is not finished with this by any means, but I can tell you that I am encouraged to see how well he is doing. God is good! Keep praying!

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