Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here is why the F word belongs in church

Well, I must admit that I am still shocked when things happen in places that are not places they normally happen. Just like this past Sunday. While having a great discussion at the gathering at The Meeting Place, I heard “the word.”  It was right out of the mouth of a first time visitor and non-believer: In fact, an outspoken atheist.  The word came from a guy who is a regular customer at the cafĂ©. He was intrigued at the idea of a discussion group and after a couple of invites, he decided to join us for a Sunday night gathering at The Meeting Place.
Our discussion was about fathers. We discussed the way we view our earthly fathers and how we might view God or gods as fathers and the correlations between the two. It was a bit deep, but nobody wanted to stop the discussion. It could have gone on all night.  The Holy Spirit was there for sure…It was amazing…
The discussion was spurred on by various points of view. We had a handful of Bible believing Christians, at least one Buddhist, a Jew, and an Atheist. With many of the other faiths unaccounted for, it created a great platform to get a good discussion going. And a good one it was. When a pastor or layman gets the privilege of hearing an F-word in their church, it should be followed with a stout AMEN. During a brief description of His dad, this young man used an unsavory 4 letter word…for that I say “AMEN!!!” We are trying to reach the people that are not the ideal Christian. No point in sharing the Gospel with those that already have their faith all figured out. Not that dropping an F bomb in church is something that a good Christian is incapable of doing, it is just that it gave me a good confirmation that we might be reaching into the area that we are called to reach…The lost.
So next time you hear an F bomb in church be sure to grab the white hanky out of your suit pocket, lift yourself out of the comfort of the nice padded pew, and wave that thing like something exciting just happened.


Isaiah Brookshire said...

I have to agree, that was awesome. I'm glad there's a place like this were we can all get together.

Christie said...

So glad to read your perspective on this, and to know you've created a place where folks can come as they are. Great job!