Monday, April 23, 2012

Here is how the Englunds are doing in Peru...

 Hey folks,
It has been a bit since I have given an update on our family and lives here in Cusco. So I thought I would dedicate this post to what is going on with us. We have had a lot happen over the past few months and would like to fill you in on the praises, the needs, and the areas of ministry in which we are working.
As for our family, the kids are back in school. They are attending Colegio Ausengate, which is walking distance from our house. We moved a few months back to accommodate a couple of things in our lives. One is the proximity to the school. This is a great school, but happens to be quite a ways from where we were living before. Our new place is perfect for this reason.  Also it has been a huge blessing for the MotoMission ministry as it provides an ideal place to store the equipment.
The kids are working hard in school. Peru has a very homework oriented school culture. Not only are they working hard, Teri is keeping herself crazy busy, just trying to keep the girls on top of the school requirements. In addition, she is keeping the books on the business. I will have to say that I am not very good to our accountant.  I am a non-detail kind of businessman. Teri has her work cut out trying to keep track of my crazy antics. She does a great job, but it leaves her with very little time for much else. It is a huge blessing to have her doing what she does. Keep Teri in your prayers. She has a lot of responsibility and often it goes unnoticed and unappreciated.
Our family is doing great. We are extremely busy and often find ourselves needing a break. Not so easy in our line of work. We have to really force ourselves to stop every so often to take a rest.
As for the ministry stuff, the café is picking up. The busy season is just around the corner. MotoMission is open for business. Although we have not quite yet purchased all the necessary equipment, we have started operations. The Meeting Place Guest House is beginning to have less and less space available which is a huge blessings. A full house is a huge blessing! The Meeting Place Language School currently has a good number of students which keeps the teachers working and keeps our space full which in turn pays the rent and provides some profits for ministry. The Meeting Place outreach ministry is consistently full of people. This is our goal as through our messages and discussions, we are able to share and connect with people on a spiritual level. I can write pages and pages about each of these, but know that God is at work in our ministry here in Peru.
 Things are going great down here in Cusco. Please continue to pray for our family. We constantly have pressures and stresses on our family, marriage, health, and spiritual wellbeing. We are fortunate to be doing what we are doing, but it is not always easy. Your prayers are coveted and appreciated. Know that we pray through our list of supporters regularly. You know who you are and we are thankful for your faithfulness. May God shower blessings on all of you who keep us in your prayers.
The Englund Family

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