Monday, April 30, 2012

The Englunds need your help!!!

As things progress with our ministry and mission here in Cusco, we are finding some areas where we need some help. As many of you know, we are faith based missionaries. What that means is that we are living here in a foreign country and mission field on faith that God will provide through His people. We have been so blessed to have so many of you supporting us throughout the past 3 and a half years.
We have a couple of specific needs that would be helpful to our ministry and family. One of those is transportation. We have been talking about it for a while, but it is now really coming to a point where it is a necessity and not just a desire. With the girls in school and our new living location near the school, it puts a strain on time. We can use public transportation and taxis but they are not always available, not so reliable, and often quite expensive as we are quite a ways out from the center of town, where The Meeting Place is located.
We have many needs that a vehicle would fill. One, it can be used to bring people to ministry sites where we currently use taxis. There are also lots of needs for a car as we are constantly picking up supplies from many locations around town either for the café, the language school, the guest house, as well as Motomission. This racks up the taxi fares and we are limited to what we can carry in our hands.  We also have a need for a good vehicle that can be used for MotoMission. We need a durable and reliable 4WD and have space for 6 or more passengers. This vehicle will be used as a support vehicle to carry passengers, provide first aid supplies, food, fuel, and recover clients and equipment that may not be able to continue..
Needless to say, a good vehicle would be a huge blessing for our family and for our ministry. We are currently starting a campaign to raise the necessary funds to purchase the right vehicle for our needs. Our goal is to raise $14,000 for this vehicle. This will allow us to purchase a 1996-2002 Toyota Landcruiser or comparable Mitsubishi or Hyundai that fits our needs.
We need your help! Please consider how you can participate in the raising of this ministry need. Consider your social circles, Sunday school classes, bible study groups, business groups for possible options of raising this need. We look forward to the blessing and freedom that a vehicle would provide. Here is how you can help:
Tax deductable donations can be made by sending a check made out to Commission to Every Nation and sent to PO Box 291307 Kerrville, TX 78029-1307. Make sure you note that the donation is for the Englund family in Peru. If you would like to contact CTEN by phone, you can reach them at (800) 872-5404. You can do an instant donation over the phone as this option is pretty fail proof.
The other option is to make an on line donation by clicking on this link: . You will be directed to the donation page at CTEN.
If you desire to make a donation directly to our family(no tax deduction), you can send a check made out to Scott and Teri Englund and mail it to 275 Palermo Drive, Oroville, CA 95966.
We anxiously await God’s provision…
The Englund Family
Scott Teri, Kayle, and Emma

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here is how the Englunds are doing in Peru...

 Hey folks,
It has been a bit since I have given an update on our family and lives here in Cusco. So I thought I would dedicate this post to what is going on with us. We have had a lot happen over the past few months and would like to fill you in on the praises, the needs, and the areas of ministry in which we are working.
As for our family, the kids are back in school. They are attending Colegio Ausengate, which is walking distance from our house. We moved a few months back to accommodate a couple of things in our lives. One is the proximity to the school. This is a great school, but happens to be quite a ways from where we were living before. Our new place is perfect for this reason.  Also it has been a huge blessing for the MotoMission ministry as it provides an ideal place to store the equipment.
The kids are working hard in school. Peru has a very homework oriented school culture. Not only are they working hard, Teri is keeping herself crazy busy, just trying to keep the girls on top of the school requirements. In addition, she is keeping the books on the business. I will have to say that I am not very good to our accountant.  I am a non-detail kind of businessman. Teri has her work cut out trying to keep track of my crazy antics. She does a great job, but it leaves her with very little time for much else. It is a huge blessing to have her doing what she does. Keep Teri in your prayers. She has a lot of responsibility and often it goes unnoticed and unappreciated.
Our family is doing great. We are extremely busy and often find ourselves needing a break. Not so easy in our line of work. We have to really force ourselves to stop every so often to take a rest.
As for the ministry stuff, the café is picking up. The busy season is just around the corner. MotoMission is open for business. Although we have not quite yet purchased all the necessary equipment, we have started operations. The Meeting Place Guest House is beginning to have less and less space available which is a huge blessings. A full house is a huge blessing! The Meeting Place Language School currently has a good number of students which keeps the teachers working and keeps our space full which in turn pays the rent and provides some profits for ministry. The Meeting Place outreach ministry is consistently full of people. This is our goal as through our messages and discussions, we are able to share and connect with people on a spiritual level. I can write pages and pages about each of these, but know that God is at work in our ministry here in Peru.
 Things are going great down here in Cusco. Please continue to pray for our family. We constantly have pressures and stresses on our family, marriage, health, and spiritual wellbeing. We are fortunate to be doing what we are doing, but it is not always easy. Your prayers are coveted and appreciated. Know that we pray through our list of supporters regularly. You know who you are and we are thankful for your faithfulness. May God shower blessings on all of you who keep us in your prayers.
The Englund Family

Monday, April 16, 2012

Shocking Twist and Reality Check

Last night I was blown away by a strange twist of information that emotionally took me to a point of tears and deep sorrow for a young wife and mother of two. Our favorite place to eat in Cusco is a place called Fuegos. It is just across the street from our old apartment. We have developed a connection with the owners of the place. We have invited them to church and other events and they have come into our café as well. About Christmas time, Nick headed back to the US where his father was close to passing away as he had been fighting cancer. He mentioned that he was going to make sure he was there for his dad as he had not been there when his mother passed. He returned to the US to care for his dad. His wife and two kids were here to continue to operate the restaurant in his absence. All seemed like it was going fine, and then, just last night, we walked in wondering if Nick had returned. He had mentioned that he would stay until his sister’s wedding and then come back to Cusco as it was supposed to be sometime in April. They did not expect his father to live this long.

I opened the door to find Nick’s wife, sitting at one of the empty tables in the restaurant. I asked how she was doing. She gave me a weird message via body language and shook her head. I immediately thought that Nick’s dad had passed and that she was feeling the sorrow. She said in a crackled voice, “oh, you have not heard?”

I told her that I had not heard as she handed me a funeral announcement card. As I looked down and assumed it was for Nick’s dad, I realized that the picture was not of an aged man. It was a young man in his early thirties with a strange resemblance of Nick. Then I raised my eyes to read the name, and in fact it was Nick. He had passed away.

My heart sunk. “What happened?” I asked.

As this broken young widow tried to explain the situation, she, with quivering lip and moistened eyes, proceeded to tell us that Nick had a heart attack. He was just 34 years old with a young wife and two kids.

Wow, what a load of burdens to carry. Surrounded by every footprint of Nick, she is running the restaurant in which his DNA makes up every aspect from the homemade barbecue sauce to the smoked ribs and specialty desserts. I cannot imagine the toil her heart is going through. Although it soured the mood of our meal, I personally used it as a reflection point for me to think about the quickness of life. Teri and I talked about the situation with Nick. What would Teri do if it was me? What would she have done if it was 6 years earlier when I was that age? What would I do if Teri was to pass? Not necessarily fun to talk about, but it really puts things into perspective. Death is not something to fear. It’s going to happen to pretty much all of us.

As this was a shake-me-up moment, I realize that we have a finite time here to do what God has called us to do. We also have missed many opportunities to share Christ with people. We will probably miss more in the future. I hope I never do, but I am a sinner saved by grace and nowhere near perfect. I do not know if Nick had made a real decision to follow Christ. Each day, people lose their lives without finding the true salvation in Christ. Death has no sting as long as you are in His hands. I fear it not, but the sorrow of losing a loved one like this breaks my heart.

I have committed to pray for this young mother and her two kids. I would ask that you do the same. Pray that as a result, she will be drawn to the one true god that can provide the peace that seems so far from her at this moment. I also pray that as you reflect on this situation, that you can use it as a wakeup call about our own mortality. Don’t wait any longer. When time is up, it is up. Get it right, right now. Start that journey where peace is with you before, during, and after the tragic events take place in our lives.

Please pray for this young family (the Kaufman family). They are heavy on our hearts and I would love to shower them with a blessing of prayer and peace that will get them through the storm.

Scott Englund