Friday, February 24, 2012

Update on My little buddy Jason…

Many of you have been lifting up my little buddy Jason in prayer over the past few days. I went and visited him again today and was so encouraged. This time, I went into the hospital and right there in the same place as last time, Jason was sitting up in bed, huddled around another little patient, Marisol, watching a movie on the little portable DVD player that Kayle and Emma let him borrow. His little face lit up as I hollered his name across the rather institutional pediatric ward. Some pics of the nasty hospital included...

The update is this: Jason has been given a diagnosis of epilepsy, he had a bout of viral encephalitis, sepsis A(not sure what that is, but it was pulmonary in nature), he had pneumonia, and most concerning, some paralysis on his left side. Jason is a fighter and I have not doubts that if anyone can beat the odds it will be Jason. He has already laughed leukemia out of his life with a bout of it about 3 years ago. He spent one year in the same terrible hospital to fight that one.

So I was super encouraged at his progress. It sounds like he has a few more days’ minimum in the hospital. However, because of the epilepsy, he may be dealing with medicine for the rest of his life. This scares me a bit as I know how much the meds are to keep that controlled. If it comes down to having to buy the meds, the family will just do without. That is the way people work here in Peru. I am not sure if the epilepsy is here to stay, but if you can pray that it goes away, that would be awesome.

As far as the paralysis, I am a bit concerned about that as well. Jason does not appear to have any paralysis, but I do notice that his speech is a bit slurred. He and I looked at pictures of all of the kids from his community and he had a hard time recognizing some of them. Especially, some that he knows really well. This is a good place to pray specifically that his cognitive skills get back to normal and the paralysis goes away.

Today while I was visiting Jason, a couple of conservatively dressed ladies with magazines walked into the hospital to obviously talk with the unsupervised kids. I initially thought that the “JW’s” were going to try to share their religion with the kids. Not my Jason! I stepped in to waste their time and found out that they were Christians from a local Pentecostal church and that they were taking orders right out of the bible to visit the sick. What a blessing! The three ladies and I prayed with Jason. I love listening to the faith that the Peruvian people pray with. They put a lot of expectation on God….What faith!

Just a week ago, I thought Jason was a gonner. Now I am encouraged that I will be able to play soccer with him again. He is ready to play! He told me that his time in the hospital was training for soccer. It just makes him tougher. I love this little guy and his attitude. Please continue to pray for him and his family. Pray that he would make a direct correlation to the hundreds of people praying for him and the time frame of his recovery. Gracias a Dios!

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