Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scott made it home in one piece!

Well, I have to recap a little bit about my recent trip to the US. What a whirlwind of activity!!!

First of all, I need to say thank you to the Alumni Board at NNU for nominating me for the Young Alumnus of the Year award…This was the main reason that I was able to come back for a visit. What an opportunity it was for me to share our ministry and God’s call on our lives to so many. My time in Nampa included a number of activities at the university such as morning devotionals, business classes, ethics panel discussion with business department, chapel and award ceremony, a reunion lunch with class of 96, meetings with project heads working on cross cultural studies and MBA program possibilities, a business alumni function, as well as interviews from various students and faculty. What a great time for me to share what is really at the forefront of my life-service for Christ through missions.

While on campus, I was able to connect one on one with a number of people that may be interested in volunteering/joining our ministry for various lengths of time. How encouraging it is to know that we have a lot of people that are interested in joining our work in Peru. That lets off a little pressure for sure.

In addition to my time at NNU, I was able to visit with my Nampa home church and update them on our current ministry. Thanks Karcher Church of the Nazarene for standing behind our family! Thanks for your hospitality---I never once had to spend a night in my car or a hotel... In addition, the food was outstanding. It was good to see many of the faces and spend some quality time with those that are supporting us through prayer and finances.

After Nampa, I went back to California, as I was given the opportunity to share in my other home church-The church I grew up in. While there, I was able to reconnect with many folks as well. It is always great to go back to Oroville Church of the Nazarene and see how things are going there. What an exciting church! One funny thing that has happened each time I have spoken at Oroville, is that the worship team is so able to bring the atmosphere of worship to such an exciting level, that I find myself singing my voice away. Then I realize I have to speak for two services…Absolutely brutal, but don't stop doing it! Even though my voice was thrashed, God still knows the heart. It was a pleasure to worship with you all.

For the lighter side of things, many of you know that I was able to spend some quality time doing some things I love, with some of the best friends a guy can have. My plane ticket was covered and the award ceremony was pretty close to hunting season. Do the math! After an entourage of begging, my family gave me the green light. From then on, it was pretty much like old times around the Englund house; Getting my stuff all ready and setting by the door weeks in advance, me never shutting up about the upcoming adventure, all the worry about if it will work out, will I be healthy enough? how much will it cost? All the preparation phone calls to my buddies in which we recap the past 10 years of hunting trips each time we talk. I think I get to be pretty annoying when I get excited about things like that. Maybe that is why I get the green light…They cannot wait to get me gone so I will stop driving everyone nuts….Regardless, it all worked out great. A 6 point bull elk, 4x5 muley buck, and a bunch of birds…I did find out that I lost my touch with the marksmanship…Took me a bit to get my edge back…It finally came…I guess it’s kind of like riding a bike. Speaking of riding a bike: Thanks Brent and Von for taking me out riding one afternoon. Also, thanks Al for sharing your precious motorcycle with me. You guys are great Amigos!

For the business side of things, I was afforded numerous opportunities to connect with people. I had a threefold purpose to the trip. One was to join NNU in the Award celebration and support the university as much as I was able. Second, the fun hunting and guy time reconnecting with friends, and third, the business part of missionary work; The support raising part that requires a lot of one on one with people.

Some of these purposes coincide with each other. For instance, I was able to have some guy time with some of our support team. So to justify the fun, I can say I was working…yes, I am a businessman at heart…

One major focus of the business side of my trip was to raise the necessary funds to start our new missional business, MotoMission. Keep an eye out for our printed newsletter. It should be coming out before the end of the year and will spell out the details of this amazing project. For those of you that heard it first hand while I was in the states, please continue to pray that God will lead this project to places only He can know. We are quite excited about the future of this awesome project that will serve the needs of kids through education, Christ based interaction, and basics needs such as food.

We have made some good headway on finding financial partners for this project. We still have a little bit more to go. Please keep the project in your prayers. I am still looking for more partners so don’t be surprised if I you get a phone call from me. Once you see how this project is set up, you will want to participate somehow. It is a compelling type of project…pure grass roots ministry…people who love Jesus…pouring their lives into the lives of others…If anyone is interested in learning about it first hand, you can call me or email me. You won’t be disappointed!

That is all for now. I do have a lot more to write about, so keep your eyes open for more stories. Thanks for following our adventures…Many Blessings!

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