Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a bunch of youngsters...

Coming home!

Young Alumnus of the Year-What is that all about? As I keep myself rather active in the mission field, I often find myself feeling the effects of my age. However, as I often say and also wonder if it really works, “it’s all in my head.” In November, I am going to be at Northwest Nazarene University receiving an award called the Young Alumnus of the Year. It is often that I do not feel so young. I still play soccer with the young guys that sell paintings in our plaza, and I am not the last one picked each week, but I am almost twice their age. I must say, but would never admit it to them, but when soccer is over, I hurt! How is it that I can be a “young” alumnus? Not sure, but I will take what I can get!

The university is providing my plane ticket to return and receive the award. I am really honored and excited about it. For one, it gives me an opportunity to share about the work we are doing here in Cusco. My hope is to be able to round up some volunteers that may want to join us for a period. The other is that it gives me a chance to be back in the states for a short visit.

The downside is that the family is not returning with me on this trip. We are hoping to return for a longer time in the summer of 2012. Please be in prayer for them as we are apart for a while. Teri will be taking the responsibility of the café, language school, and Guest House. I am a bit scared to leave it in the hands of someone more capable, as I may not have a job when I get back… I am sure the café will prosper in the time I am gone…

So, there you have it! They think I am young and worthy of an award…What a blessing!

Thanks for your prayers!!!

From the time I wrote that last newsletter, there have been a number of you praying for our family and ministry here in Peru. I must say that many of those prayers are being answered as I write. I am in contact with about 5-6 volunteers that are praying and seeking God’s guidance in whether or not they should join us. What an answer to prayer! We also have had a number of local people join us in our ministry. These are English speaking missionaries and or volunteers that are here for months to years. We have been able to keep the café staffed without me having to work 6 full days a week. Thank you all so much for your prayers. They are working!


As I return to the US, another purpose that I have is to raise the initial start-up capital for our next mission business. This next venture is a high end tourism company that will offer motorcycle tours of southern Peru. As many of you know, I am very passionate about motorcycles…I have spent much time and preparation tying my passions and gifts that God has blessed me with, to a specific business model that uses those talents, gifts, and passions. We are seeking to raise a minimum of $66,000 to begin operation. Most of the initial amount is in capital assets such as motorcycles and support vehicles. I need specific donors that can understand the vision and scope of this project. If any of you are interested in hearing more about the project, I would love to share the vision with you. I also have a fully detailed formal business plan with all the numbers and details of the business. Pray about how you can be involved. This business model is designed to generate high amounts of profit so that they can be provided to a local ministry here in Cusco. This is the same model as we are using in our current businesses. I understand that this is not a typical missionary venture, but then again, I am not an ordinary missionary. Please be in prayer that God will line things up and that HE will be glorified through all of this.

Coffee anyone!

As I return, I will be bringing a load of coffee. This is the same coffee that we use in our café. It is great stuff! Many of you have had it in the past. We get great reviews on our coffee. It is organically grown just outside of Cusco in the high jungle. Coffee is an easy and great way for me to bring some Peru with me on my return. It also works as a fund raiser which provides you all with wonderful coffee and us with valuable resources. If anyone wants to put their order in, I need to know in the next few weeks. We are suggesting a donation of $20 per bag. It is a ½ kilo bag which equates to a little over a pound. I have whole bean or ground. I will have a limited amount I can bring back, so get your order in…First come first served.