Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On an unusually cold Saturday afternoon in Cusco, in a park next to the main thoroughfare, gathered about 1500 people to show honor to their savior and let the city know that “Cristo Vive!”

The local evangelical pastors association put together the “March For Jesus.” It was a huge turnout. I was unaware that there were that many believers in the area. There is strength in numbers. We stopped traffic as the parade of banner waving Jesus freaks traveled up to the main Plaza de Armas to give Cusco a solid understanding that the Christians in the town were a legitimate group.

Once to the plaza, there was a full band with singers, sound system that pushed the decibels across the valley, and hundreds of people worshiping in a charismatic sort of way. It was exciting to be a part of.

If there is a place on the Earth that needs to hear the truth, Cusco is it! This place has so many issues that stem with the spiritual depravity that comes from worshiping all things created.

It was refreshing to march on that cold afternoon. It must have been a sweet sound in God's ears while His people banded together to be heard and to make a statement.

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