Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Sign on the Door

The sign on the door said it all…A shocking attack on the integrity of our ministry. “Yankees of the Meeting Place-Child traffickers taking Peruvian kids to other countries”

One of our volunteers discovered that during the night, someone had placed this vile message on the door of the Meeting Place Cafe. I was shocked that someone would do such a thing. What was the reason? Did they put it on the right door? What were they referring to?

In a country where the word “trafficking” has some major implications, this is the last thing we need for our mission/business. Needless to say, the sign was taken down, it has been prayed over, and the people that have put it on the door are going to be blessed if my prayers are answered.

I found myself thinking about ways to catch them if they were to do it again. The city has a surveillance camera in our plaza…Maybe I could ask to see the footage for that night and see if I could recognize the culprit. What would I do? That has run through my mind many times. Punching them in the nose obviously would not work, although I must admit that the thought has crossed my mind. Better yet, I want to bless them somehow. They have no idea how hard we work to reach out to local children of which the country of Peru is failing to support. I am not saying that the culprit is a local, but by the looks of it, they most likely are.

Why is this happening? This is an attack of the evil one. Praise God for this situation! There is a lot of comfort in knowing that we are striking a nerve in the secular/pagan community by what we are accomplishing in our ministry. We are doing good…The devil does not like it…He tries to squelch our efforts…God gives us an great opportunity to give Him glory…That is the kind of God I serve!

So, here is the deal-I am going to ask all of you to pray for this person. I want to reach out and let this individual discover the joy that can only come through a relationship with God himself. I am not sure I will ever meet this person, but I trust that if they hang around too much, they will catch a glimpse of what we are really doing. God is in the middle of our ministry. Please pray that they get infected with the peace, joy, and love of our Heavenly Father.

I, deep down, want to meet this person. If it never happens, that is OK. But I want to be blessed by watching God work his miracles in the life of this individual. Please pray with me.

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