Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prayers for the Englund Family in Peru

Things have been going really well with our ministry here in Peru. The café is going strong. The Language School has 7 students, and the guest house is sufficiently occupied until July. In business, generally speaking, when one is busy, that is a good thing. I would say things are going very well at the moment. I am thankful for the way things have developed in our lives over the past few years. It blows me away to see how things have evolved in our ministry.

One thing that has been heavy on my mind is the subject of prayer. My personality is such that I tend to hide my own challenges, and focus on the successes. Now, that doesn’t sound so bad, but I find that it creates a DIY (do it yourself) prayer mentality. It only gets prayed for if I do it! I know better, but that is generally my mode of doing things.

As we charge through life, I am finding the need for intercessory prayer much more important. We cannot survive here in our ministry if it were not for faithful people interceding for us and our family. We are so thankful for that. So today, I wanted to give you a prayer list from Peru. This is a list of things that are weighing heavy on us, praises for things that God has done recently, or specific needs that we have. I wanted to get out of my selfish prayer tunnel and share our needs with you; our ministry and prayer partners. We are to pray without ceasing according to 1 Thess. 5:17. This list may keep you occupied for a while. We absolutely covet your prayers.

These are some specific Prayer items for our family and our ministry:

The Meeting Place Café-pray that the business would continue to operate profitably, as well as be a hub of Christian influence in the city.

The Meeting Place Church-Pray for Pastor Dujay and his family that they can have Gods will in mind for the church and the community.

Pray for The country of Peru-We are going to have a presidential run-off in June. Neither candidate is very well liked; however, it could change the nature of our work here in Peru.

Pray for our ministry partners-Casa Josefina, Project Corazon, and Casa Del Aguila that they would be guided and blessed by the Holy Spirit.

We need more long term and short term volunteers-Pray that God would provide the right people to join us in our ministry-Long term need is to have a business manager to operate the café while other businesses are started.

Please pray that God would bring some teams down to serve in Cusco with our ministry. We want to support our ministry partners with volunteers as well as financial resources.

Pray for our current volunteers, Phil, Ian, Joey, Nate, Alex, Carrie, Esther, Chelsi, and Ken

Pray for our teachers at our language school-Patty, Miluska, Gloria, Romulo, Johan

Pray for Kayle-She is going to be 12 this year and is growing into a little lady. Pray for her health, her relationships, her education, and most importantly, her spiritual well being.

Pray for Emma-She is almost 9 years old. Pray for her physical protection, her friendships, her schooling, and her spiritual development.

Pray for Teri-Won’t tell you her age…but pray for her emotional stability, her health, pray that she would know and appreciate her value to our ministry, and her spiritual health.

Pray for me-Body 39, but mind is 25-Spiritual wellbeing, physical health, time management with all the things fighting for my time, and to lead our family in a manner that aligns with the will of God.

Our marriage-Going on 17 years-This has been some of the best times, but has also been some of the most difficult times. Pray that we can love and enjoy each other now more than ever.

We need a reliable car

We continue to need monthly financial support

We are considering developing a missionary compound-Purchase lot, build missionary housing, construct dorms for volunteer teams, additional business location, and have a larger space to use for ministry when the café is no longer sufficient in size. We need to prayer for feasibility, direction, and planning.

Praise for 9 months of business at the Meeting Place.

Praise that The Meeting Place Church is going strong

Praise for bringing Pastor Ken and his family to us

Praise for a full guest house until July

Praise for our Spanish teachers who are amazing!

Praise for good health so that we can minister on the soccer field

Praise for an amazing, flexible, loving, caring, and supportive family

Praise that God has provided our financial needs each month.

Praise that we are connected with some amazing Christian people here in Cusco

Praise that the Meeting Place kids club is going well each Saturday

This should do it for now. We appreciate your prayers and thank you for supporting and partnering with our ministry. May God bless and keep you wrapped up in His gigantic arms.

The Englund family

Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma

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