Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Lighter Side of Mission Work-Volume 2

There are a lot of things that strike one as being funny, but I must say that what I just heard about one of our volunteers just about made me lose control of a vital bodily function.

Speaking of bodily functions, I must admit that I find bodily function quite interesting. In the mission field, we missionaries have a lot of interaction with food and drink that make one’s bodily functions function a little more often. It is no surprise that I recently heard of one of our young volunteers who was experiencing difficulties in this area.

Let me stage the story for you. I shouldn’t give you the name of the individual involved as it is confidential because it could cause some embarrassment. However, as many of you may know the volunteers that we have working right now, you can use this as a game. You know, the type where you try to guess the person.

It was the day after the event. Phil, Nate, and I were talking. The subject of this story came up in our conversation and Phil and Nate began telling me about the incident described in the following script. What a funny story!

As one spends time in a foreign third world country, it is bound to happen. The food or drink will get you! There is no way around it. If you stay long enough, it will take its toll. And the story continues…

So the young man was out on a field trip with the Spanish school. It was coming to an end, when the bodily function began. It came on quick and rather strong. No worries! The young man was just outside the café where there was a nice bathroom waiting for him. Opening the door rather quickly, he entered the café, walked through the foyer to reach the bathroom, and entered with plenty of time to spare. He made it.

I do not need to go through the details of the first part of the bathroom experience, but what was really funny, was the story from this point.

There was a group of short term volunteers staying in the guest house. So there were quite a few people around. Joey, was with this young man, but he had proceeded to go to his room which was upstairs and away from the bathroom being used by, well, you try to figure it out.

Once business was complete, the shock hit this young man as he realized there was no toilet paper. This was a situation where either toilet paper or a shower was necessary. Neither of which were an option at this point. What is a guy to do? He could yell, thus causing embarrassment and shame by having to be rescued by a person from the Alaska group of which he did not know. He could gamble and hope that Joey would hear his cry…or, he could just pray that God would somehow provide toilet paper for the situation…Well, maybe that is what he did.

In South America, or at least Peru, we use little wastebaskets next to the toilet into which you place your used toilet paper. If he prayed the prayer for TP, God answered it-However, it was probably not what this young man had in mind. He, being the crafty person he is, realized that there was an option.

You got it! Lifting the lid, searching for some not so used used toilet paper he dug. And like a work truck, he brought the saving paper to the jobsite. Not very conventional, but it was what a boy needed to get the job done. Right out of the little basket he dug…Holding his breath…Trying to be practical about it…He found what he was looking for. God heard his plea. Blessings abound, Alex. Way to use the head!

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