Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On to Cusco for another adventure...

The Englund’s Are Moving!

God has some amazing things in store for the Englund family. You all helped us begin our mission journey with Extreme Peru about 2 years ago. The Holy Spirit has used us and has brought us to a point where we have finished the job we originally came to do. For that, we are so grateful for the opportunity that Extreme gave us to minister and to allow us to get our feet wet in foreign ministry work. It has been an experience that will surely shape the rest of our lives.

So what‘s next? God has given us another assignment that once again is way over our heads, but right down our alley. We are moving to Cusco! It is home to Machu Pichu and was a central and spiritual hub for the Incan empire as well as a number of other ancient civilizations. It is a desperate mission field with much more need than resources. Since we arrived in Peru, we immediately saw the need for business development that focuses on ministry. God has stirred this passion inside us and then immediately began executing a plan to get us involved. Through much prayer and seeking, we have been blessed with an opportunity to lead a local church and operate a quaint little café in a high traffic tourism area in the center of Cusco. That was not our plan, but His! The location is beautiful and the harvest is ready. God has given us a passion for business and has miraculously opened the doors for us to make this happen. This whole deal was truly a blessing as the business has been given to us. The previous owners have been called to another mission and had been seeking people just like us with the same passion for business development and missions in which to hand the business over. At this point, the business is about 7 months old. It is breaking even, and we should be able to make it profitable in a short time. Once the café is profitable, we will be funding local ministries with a percentage of the profits, setting another percentage aside for start-up capital for new ventures, and the rest will be held in the café for normal operations of the business. We are staffing the Café with volunteers which keeps costs down and adds to the culture of the mission. As for the church, we will be pastoring the local congregation which reaches out to the many folks that have come to Cusco to seek spiritual awakening through numerous secular means. The church also reaches out to a number of international volunteers that may or may not be “Christians.”. We are excited and a little scared, but we know this is where God has made it possible for us to serve.

One important thing that we have changed is our affiliation with Extreme. Our project is finished and we feel God has a lot more in store for us in Peru. We have made a change in the organization that is responsible for the oversight of our mission. We are joining the CTEN team. It stands for Commission to Every Nation. They exist to assist missionaries like us that have had a change in their mission or are finished with their previous projects, and have felt God’s call to stay in the field. They have a solid and experienced team of missionary support, administration and finances, as well as just provide a spiritual aspect to our ministry that is vital to our existence. We have already connected well to our new team and look forward to an ongoing relationship while we are in the field. CTEN is able to flex with us as we seek Gods dynamic direction in our lives. They are solid part of the mission community and I would invite you to check out their website at . There you will find out all sorts of information about the organization.

First of all, I want to say thank you for allowing our family to minister here in Peru. We cannot express to you how much we have grown throughout our mission. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Currently, you have been partnering with us through Extreme and have been supporting us financially through Crowne One Network(clearing house for Extreme). We are in the process of making the change to CTEN and need to transition our financial support as well. We would be honored if you would continue to partner with our ministry through this process and into the future. While it may not be important to all of you, the tax deduction is a benefit that many of you enjoy. We want to honor that and set it up so that you can receive the tax benefits as well as support our ministry in Peru. There are three simple ways to make the transition. The same options that you have been using are available. They are as follows:

1. A check made payable to Commission to Every Nation (or “CTEN”). Please include a separate note with our name on it. Donation should be mailed to: Commission to Every Nation, PO Box 291307, Kerrville, TX 78029-1307

2. Call CTEN at 800-872-5404 to give by credit card or automatic draft from their bank account.

3. Online using a credit card or automatic draft from their bank account. To give online, go to From there, click on Missionary Support in the left column under Financial Partnership. Disregard the country and work type and enter “Englund” in the name field and click search. They may have to click search a 2nd time for the name to appear below. Click on the name when it appears and it will direct them to your bio page to make an ongoing gift(this may not be set up as of today, but they are working on putting gin our bio info). From there just follow the instructions until the transaction is complete. At some point it will ask them to register and log in. There is no LOGOUT, just close the page when finished.

We are so excited to be here in Peru. God is calling us to continue in this work here. Through miracles and confirmations, we are at great peace in knowing this is exactly where God wants us to be. God has blessed our ministry and our family through our work here. We look forward to connecting more and more people with the grace and peace that can only come from God’s divine presence. We continue to pray for you as we make this transition. We understand that it will take some effort on both of our parts, but are confident that God will bless this partnership. Your financial support allows us to continue in the mission. Thank you for your sacrifice. We plan on contacting you soon to allow some more time to share our vision and project with you. If you have questions, please feel free to shoot us an email to Make note of that email as it will be our preferred email account for the future.

For those that have not been part of our financial support team, we would love to have you join us. You too can utilize the same process as is listed above. It is such a blessing to have people believe in us and our mission.

For those that have been praying continually for us, thank you! There have been many times when we have just sensed that we are being lifted up in prayer. It is a huge comfort and encouragement to know that we have so many partners like you who pray constantly for us. Thank you so much!

May God fill your barns and then continue to bless you beyond your wildest imagination.

In the middle of His blessings,

The Englund Family

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