Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here is what is happening in Puerto Maldonado...Rumble in the Jungle

Here is a rundown of our project up to this point. This is a little different than normal, but it gives you more of a play by play of the project this way. I hope you enjoy. I will try to tell you a bit about each day and then if there are any special stories that need to be told, I will give it a shot. Sorry that there are no pictures. The Internet speed here really stinks.So here goes my best shot...

First day-the team arrived and they were only about an hour late getting into Puerto. The problem is that they had some problems getting into Lima which pushed back their sleep time. We had plans for them when they got to Puerto. So it was off the plane to do a quick orientation and then it was off to work. We split the group into two and one group went to promote for an event tomorrow. This included game after game of soccer with the locals in the sweltering heat. Good times though. We have some talent on the Extreme Team! I was impressed. Even without sleep. There are many more games to come. This is going to be a great week.

As for the other part of the group, they went to a new church plant area and did a kids festival complete with a whole bag of tricks. Parachutes, balls, jump rope, skits, face painting, and many other things. From the sounds of it they had a blast. This is just the first day. I wonder if we can keep up this pace. We have so much work to do, but so little time.

Signing out for now. Until next time…

OK, so it has been a couple of days now. It is now Tuesday night and wow what a journey this has been. We have been going strong since this group of willing and able bodied teenagers got off the plane. They have got to be tired. And so it goes! It is my job to make sure that all are pushed outside of their comfort zones. If they come to Peru and all they got was another day in their normal lives, I have not done what I set out to do.

So to run down the days activities-It started with an early morning breakfast, a quick meeting about the days events, and a devotional from yours truly. Shortly thereafter, we all headed to a local community where our church plant missionaries/4040’s are currently planting a church. The name of the community is 7th of June(7 de Junio). In this community, the local president of the town has given the keys to the local community hall to our missionaries to use anytime they want. This is a big blessing! So, we decided to put some paint on the walls and clean up the outside as well. It looks great. We still have some work to do, but it is a huge improvement.

After that, lunch was scarfed down so we could get ready for our Kids Festival in La Jolla while the other half of our group was preparing for another painting project /promo for Jesus Film/Making gift bags for the women’s prison.

I was part of the Kids Festival and it was huge! We had about 200 kids show up for our jam packed schedule of games, puppet shows, and other activities. It is amazing to see how these kids just show up. With just a little promotion, they come in droves. We had just shown the Magdelena Film( Jesus Film from a woman’s perspective)last night with a good crowd. There were about 100 present with about 28 people giving their lives to Christ! Amen Brothers and Sisters! That is exciting stuff!

So today we did the Kids Festival and helped draw a large crowd of kids. Our purpose in all of this is to help our 40/40’s with their church planting efforts. I think we made a solid impact with this little community of La Jolla. Praise God!

Tonight is an exciting time for us. Tonight we are going to lead two groups of our volunteers into the Red light areas to pray over the people, the prosti-bars, and ask God to prepare the way for our missionaries. This will be an eye opening experience for our volunteers. It is hard to imagine that this stuff exists in our world, but it does. Here in Puerto it is right in your face. Expect some reflection to come from this activity. If this area needs anything, it is prayer. So that is what we are going to do.

Since the group hit the ground, our days have been very long, very hot, and have included a lot of activity; the makings for a bunch of crabby people. Not this group! They are going strong. They came down with the right attitude. Thank God!

We have another full day tomorrow, but at least there is a little chance for a break in the AM. Tomorrow will be an impactful day at the women’s prison. Only the females are going to this event. The guys will be doing another Kids festival in another church plant area with a Jesus Film to follow.

Crazy thing happened today-We were painting the community building at 7 de Junio, and a lady showed up wanting to help. We quickly put a brush in her hand and let her go to work. She was working side by side with Ana, one of our 40/40’s. After a short while, Ana had discussed with the lady that Jesus was the way to real peace. She accepted Jesus into her heart right there in the middle of our dusty mess. The crazy thing is that she was from Cusco and was in town visiting her family. She told us she was bored and decided to go for a walk. She walked in front of the community building where we had a bunch of young Americans swinging machetes to cut the grass and she wondered what was going on. Her questions led her to Ana who then led her in a salvation prayer. What an amazing story of God putting people in the right place. Thank God for our 40/40 missionaries. They are so good at what they do.

So that wraps up the project to this point. I will try to write some more in a day or two. Signing off…

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