Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Englunds are in Idaho!!!

A quick update on the Englund family…

We arrived in San Francisco on the 20th of November. We met a slew of our family at the airport to take us back to Oroville CA, a place that has seen the good and the bad of one Englund boy. This particular trip to the US had a purpose of reconnecting with family and friends, tell people about our ministry in Peru, and stir up some additional financial and prayer support.

Since on the ground, we have been going nonstop doing just that. With Thanksgiving spent at the Casa de Mama Englund, we were quickly reminded of a sin called gluttony. I had almost forgotten how much pumpkin pie I could force down my gullet. Needless to say, I have repented and chalked it up to lost opportunities for having spent the last two years starving in Peru without the likes of chips and salsa, real cheddar cheese, and circus animal cookies. Starving may not be the most accurate word to use, but there are some food items that, while in the strangest of moments in Peru, one would sacrifice pretty much anything to get just one mouthful.

Catching up on Grande Burger (for those in Oroville, you know what I am talking about) was a real treat. Catching up with family was priceless. It has been a great two years, but seeing the ones you love face to face in a place that I have called home for most of my life; that was wonderful.

What have we been doing since we arrived? Thanksgiving was spent with family in Oroville. We were able to go to worship at my childhood church where, even though I have not regularly attended in decades, am still welcomed as a regular. After our Thanksgiving, we drove to Idaho to spend some time reconnecting with our friends in the potato state. We were hosted by some dear friends, who allowed us to stay at their home, gave us a generous curfew, and made us feel right at home. Thanks John and April!

While in Nampa, Idaho, we have been spending much time visiting with dear friends that we have been so anxious to see since we left for the mission field in Peru.

In addition, we were able to speak briefly during service at Karcher Church of the Nazarene. We gave a quick rundown of our ministry, and then invited the congregation to a dessert and coffee social time the following night. Complete with the best Peruvian coffee around, we had a great time as about 115 of our beloved friends showed up to support us, or at least get a chance at a Wallin cheesecake (those at Karcher understand). It was a special time to reacquaint with the folks in Nampa. Connecting through random meetings over coffee or meals, we have spent much time seeing those that have become such a part of our lives.

Now, we are in toasty room in a snowed in cabin in Donnelly Idaho, enjoying the fireplace and Christmas lights. It is quite surreal. The story about the cabin is one that I will have to share with you on another note, but know that God works out things better than we can ever imagine.

We have had a great vacation of doing nothing but hanging with the family. No coffees to make, orders to take, people to pick up at the airport, just the four of us. It was a nice break that was needed for sanity.

Tomorrow, we head back to Nampa to continue visiting more of those friends from Idaho that we love and cherish so much. I am afraid that we will not be able to see everyone. It is difficult, but we understand that schedules do not always match up. We will do our best to see everyone, but we may have to get you on the next round. It probably won’t be a two year stint. Hopefully less, if God allows.

We will be heading to CA on Wednesday and will be in Northern Cal for the remainder of our time. We would love to connect with any of you that will be around. Feel free to let us know when we can connect with you and we will do what we can to make it happen. It will be hectic, just like Idaho, but we do want to connect with as many of you as possible. That is our purpose. Just let us know.

We will be speaking at the Oroville Church of the Nazarene on the 2nd of January. Let’s get together before or after if you would like. Just shoot us an email. We will build a schedule.

We are still working on developing our fundraising and financial partners. I would challenge any of you that are not supporting our ministry, to pray about it. It is a blessing for us when people stand with us in our ministry. We cannot do it alone. If you want to join us, let me know, and I can sit down with you and go over everything with you personally. We desire your partnership. Here is the direct link to our donation page – Make sure you grab a new updated prayer and support card for your refrigerator while we are around. We will leave some at Karcher Naz as well as Oroville Nazarene in case we cannot connect.

I find myself getting wordy. I better get going and enjoy the rest of the time at the cabin. We love you all and hope to see many more of you in the coming few weeks. Blessings on all of you!

The Englunds

Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Englunds are coming back to the US for a visit


We are coming home! It has been almost two years since we stepped on US soil and we are excited about it. We will be arriving in San Francisco on the 20th of November and will be returning to Peru on the 6th of January. Our schedule will be rather busy, but we look forward to seeing as many of you as is possible.

There are a couple of dates that are important in our travels. We will be speaking at Karcher Church of the Nazarene in Nampa, ID on November 28th in the morning service. Also, we will be having a dessert function on the night of the 29th, also at Karcher. The time will be 6:30 and will be held in the Family Life Center. The church is located on the corner of Middleton Road and Karcher(Highway 55). You are all invited and we would be honored to see you there.

As for those in the Northern California area, we will be speaking in the AM services at Oroville Church of the Nazarene on the 2nd of January. You all are invited to join us there as well. Come out and hear about our ministry and how God has been working in Peru.

There are a couple of things that we have not figured out as of yet. We are looking for places to stay while we are in Idaho. If you would be interested in housing our family while we are in Idaho, please let us know via email at

One of our goals for coming back to the US is to raise more ministry funds. It has been two years since we started this mission, and we need to develop more support to take us into the future. If any of you have been blessed and would like to partner with our ministry, we would love to talk with you while we are in the States. If you would like to meet with us personally, please let us know. You can contact us by email at We need to augment our monthly resources as some of our original support has diminished over the time we have been on the field.

We look forward to seeing you all! The kids are crazy hyper knowing that they are going to get to see friends and family. Teri and I are also in need of a break from the pressure and workload that has been running us ragged for 2 years now. We cannot wait, and will continue to pray for those that are supporting our ministry.

See you soon!

The Englund Family

Monday, October 4, 2010

October News from Cusco and The Englund Family

So, it has been a little over two months since arriving in Cusco. Wow, how time goes fast. Our lives are busy and that really makes the time fly by.

It has been a while since I sent out an update, so I thought I would give you a rundown of some of the exciting things taking place here with our family and our ministry. Let’s start with the family.

We are really getting settled in. Our lives are hectic, but we are figuring out how to function here in this new environment. Our kids are loving home school! They are great students and seem really eager to learn. They also like the schedule. It gives them more flexibility than they have had since we moved to Peru. Teri, their amazing teacher, is doing great as well. She has put together a great mix of activities and lessons that keep the kids excited about learning. So far, it has been a huge blessing to discover the benefits of home schooling. We will continue as God allows. For now, it is really working out well.

An exciting thing for us-We are getting ready to come home in about a month and a half. We are still trying to figure out our schedule, but we would like to be back in the US for Christmas. There are many variables, but we are getting close on finalizing the plans. Our goal for coming back is to see family, friends, and churches that have been supporting our ministry as well as raise additional funds for us to continue in our work in Peru. We have been so blessed that so many of you have joined us in our work here in Peru through prayer and finances. We thank God for you! If any of you would like us to join your churches during our stay, please let me know as we will do our best to visit. We would love to share what God has been doing in our ministry. Just shoot me an email and we can communicate.

As for The Meeting Place Café, we were profitable this month. Not by much, but we did it! It was exciting to have cash in the drawer after all the expenses were paid. God is good! This will allow us to support other viable Christian ministries. One thing that I found a bit ironic was the fact that the locals had two days of protest here in Southern Peru. In fact, all the public transportation was shut down, Machu Pichu was closed, all the tour operators had to cease operations, the markets were locked down, it was kind of like a ghost town-Except that people still needed to eat and drink. That is where the blessings came in. We had a couple of our busiest days of the month during the strikes. The tourists could not leave the downtown area and thus were trapped. Praise God for strikes! It was a great month.

Our language school and guest house will be operational on November 1. That is exciting, but also a bit scary. We are going into our slow season toward the end of the year. I am trying to find ways to cover the rent and keep above water each month through the slow period. Please pray that we can find enough students and guests that at least the expenses can be paid. I am sure God will bless. He always does.

One thing I want to advertise to all of you is that we are looking for people who would be willing to come to Cusco as volunteers to join us in our ministry. We have a lot of flexibility, but it would look something like this-We would have you stay in our guest house, you would be taught Spanish in an enjoyable immersion setting, be able to serve in The Meeting Place Cafe, serve with small children at Casa Josefina, volunteer at the afterschool program at Project CORASONS(see photo), or participate in any number of other ministry opportunities that we have available. The cost would be around $900 US dollars/month which includes housing, language school, and project administration. The rest is up to you depending on what you wanted to see and do while you were here. You would be located right in the center of Cusco, where you would have a lot of opportunity to check out the amazing archeological ruins of the Inka, trek through the Andes, and just be involved in a great and viable Christian ministry. This is a great opportunity. If you have any interest or know someone who may be, get in contact with me.

Well, that does it for this time. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and financial support as well as word of mouth about our ministry.

One thing to keep in mind is that the end of the year is coming up. If you are looking for projects to support and still be able to get that tax write off by the end of the year, please keep us in mind. Any donations to our ministry or family are tax deductable. You can make donations on line by clicking our direct link at

May God Bless you all!

The Englund Family

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What are the Englund's doing exactly???

So, we are settling into our lives here in Cusco. I will try to keep this as short as possible, as I tend to write long emails. Short and to the point this time…I promise…
Our girls have started homeschooling this week. Teri is excited to be their teacher. It is not easy for her, but she will do a great job. It also provides for some flexibility in our lives as we are always missing school with different projects and things going on. This will be a great blessing.
Some of you may or may not understand our specific mission while serving here in Cusco. I thought I could tell you specifically what we are doing so you can understand our purpose and call here in this crazy mission field of Cusco. We are operating a café and a church here in the heart of the city. Our café is a nice, clean, and enjoyable place to come and eat a breakfast, get a great cup of coffee, and experience an atmosphere that is uplifting and full of volunteers that want to be at work. Our church is focused on reaching an international crowd. We have people from various countries including Peru, US, UK, Australia, Columbia, Germany, and Holland. It is truly an international group. We reach out to the tourist crowd as well as minister to the local volunteer community as well. We also have a few Peruvians that join us and call our church their home. It is a straight forward bible based lesson each week coupled with amazing worship done by a couple of young musicians that attend. The church is strong and people are encouraged each week.

As for the business side of things, we are giving 100% or our profits away to three local ministries. This means that the support for our family is coming from donations and faithful people outside of our business of the café. The first of our ministries that we support is Casa Josefina. It is an orphanage that raises developmentally challenged, abandoned, abused, and neglected children. All of the kids come from difficult situations, but are being cared for by amazing people. Many of our volunteers also serve at Casa Josefina.

The second mission with which we are aligned is Project CORASON. This is an after school project that offers kids programs in the afternoons. These programs are run by volunteers. It is a Christian organization that reaches kids through programs that teach values, biblical understanding, as well as keeps them active with games, crafts, music, and many other activities. Due to the poverty in the area, parents are forced to both work 12-15 hour days which leaves the older children to raise the younger ones. This program provides a great place to minister and support these kids by giving them a viable values based outlet.

The third project that The Meeting Place is supporting is Casa Del Aguila. This project is a multifaceted project that is located just outside of Cusco. It is a functioning farm that has undergone some financial and vision problems. Currently, we are partnered with another CTEN mission family that is working to build sustainability in the farm. They are currently running a hog operation as well as a few other resource items that are designed to support the many ministries that exist on the farm. There is currently an orphanage, a school, and a medical/dental clinic on the farm. These ministries have been funded in the past primarily by one person. The farm is seeking sustainability because the funding will eventually dry up and displace hundreds of children and families. We are working with the farm by developing an adventure tourism element where the facilities of the farm will be utilized to create additional income to support the ministries on the farm. You will hear more about this in the future.
That is our mission. We are excited about what the future holds. Please keep us, as well as our ministries, in your prayers. We have a lot of work to do, money to raise, and people to mobilize. Feel free to spread the word about what we are doing. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email. I would love to talk.
Until next time…

The Englund Family
Scott, Teri, Kayle, and Emma

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coffee for the Multitudes!!!

Coffee for the Multitudes!!!

Our ministry here in Cusco has been going great! I apologize for not giving you all the details, but it would probably overwhelm you with info. I will try to highlight some of the things that stand out.

The café business has been growing pretty steady since we took over. We invested in some additional improvements such as more dishes, a refrigerator, a larger stove(our chef was using the equivalent of stove that you might find in a motor home from the 1960’s), a beautiful sign to go on the outside of the building, as well as a small espresso machine, and juice squeezer. Many of the items that we added have been such a convenience and allow us to serve our customers better as well as give us more options for menu items. We recently started serving lunches. They are a huge hit. It is a pretty basic menu at this point, but it includes soups such as creamy carrot cilantro, broccoli cheese cream soup, as well as tomato basil. These all look so good that people like them before they actually taste them. Then once they try it, it seals the deal. We also have some amazing sandwiches to go along with the soups. We are continually seeking new options to improve our menu.

We recently had a group of missionaries from our previous mission come up on their vacation to serve in the café. It was great to see friends and have some new energy and smiling faces. They allowed me to take a bit of time off without having to worry about personnel shortages. While they were here, we had the biggest day in the history of the café. We just keep breaking records. God is good!

Even with the cash that we put into the café this month, we are going to be close on breaking even. It could be the first ever month of making a profit since the inception of the café. I am excited to get the final numbers from the accountant (my beautiful wife, Teri). It is going to be close. We are prepared to handle more business now and we should be able to operate without buying many more assets. This is exciting stuff.

As for the Church at The Meeting Place, I have been blessed with the opportunity to preach a few times this past month. I was able to preach on topics such as “coincidences”, motorcycle riding lessons-biblically speaking, and the value of being surrounded by solid friends. It has been a bit intimidating, but God made it work.

Just this past week, Ken Dujay, a young and vibrant pastor from Texas arrived to take over the responsibility of the pastorate of The Meeting Place Church. His sole responsibility is to operate the church. He and his family will be moving to Cusco permanently in October. This will give me the ability to continue in the vision of The Meeting Place to expand the development of additional micro businesses in the area. Ken will also be working as a volunteer in the café which will allow him to connect and draw people to the church. Our plan seems pretty solid. I am excited to see how God will work through Ken and his family to reach the people here in Cusco.

As for our family, our little princesses have been getting used to their new school. They are going to a bilingual school here in Cusco called Ausengate. They teach one half of the day in Spanish and the other half in Spanish. It is a school that comes highly recommended. They seem to enjoy the school so far. They are able to participate in afterschool activities as well. So far so good on the school front; what a blessing!

We have had a few visitors over the past few days. It has been nice to have some family around. Teri’s mom, brother and sister have been spending a couple of weeks with us. The kids have enjoyed hanging out with Grandma, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Rita. Somehow, they have the amazing ability to stay up all hours of the night playing games. They are troopers for sure!

Our family is doing well. We have had a few dental issues with the girls. Not fun, but we have to do a root canal on a permanent tooth of Kayle’s and possibly do one on Emma. We will see this week. Please keep Kayle and Emma in your prayers.

We have a few prayer items to share with you all. One thing that is really pressuring us right now is our finances. We are feeling the effects of changing mission organizations. Many of our donors have either, not changed their support accounts for whatever reason, or they have decided to discontinue. In addition, we have increased our expenses as we are in a more expensive place to live in Peru. The school for the kids, to food, to rent; all of those things are costing us a bit more each month. Only about half of our monthly needs are met at this point. If you are not part of our financial partnership team, I would encourage you to pray about how God would allow you to participate. If you are signed up, pray that others would join. If you would like to sign up, the fastest way is to click here on our link to donate: Support the Englund Family

Pray for the success of the café and church. We want so bad to see this ministry go crazy successful. It has been growing rapidly, but we will soon be in the midst of the slow season. Pray for continued success so we can support our ministry partners and reach people for Christ in Cusco.

We are also looking for volunteers to come down and volunteer from a few weeks up to a couple of years . We are looking for friendly people who enjoy a social coffee shop environment, willing to live in a different culture, wanting to learn a new language, and spend some time in a new and

exciting place. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please get them in contact with me.

We also want to thank those of you that are currently supporting us with your prayer and financial resources. We are blessed to have you on the team. Thank you! We are experiencing God’s blessing through you. Blessings on you and your families!

We will have a bunch more to write about next time. We will keep you in our prayers and we ask for your continued prayers for us and our ministry. God bless…

Until next time,

Scott Englund