Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting close to the one year mark-Where did it go?

I have a ton of things to write about so I will just summarize a few of them. You probably know by now that I can be long winded. Let me get to the point.

Kayle’s Birthday

On December 2nd, there was a big day in Peru for a sweet little 10 year old girl. Kayle had her long awaited for birthday in which she could get her ears pierced. What an exciting day that was. It went something like this; we started with the ear piercing. It was a not so sophisticated way of plunging a steel rod through the cartilage of a sweet innocent little princess’s ears. However, it was what she wanted. She was given all the options, and this was the best one. She endured like a 100 pound woman giving birth to a 10 pound baby (Teri says that is not the case, but I can only imagine). Without tears and only a few squeals, the ears were finished and oh how beautiful!

The next thing was to get Kayle all fancied up for a special date with Daddy. Off to the dress shop. There she picked out the most dashing and elegant of all the dresses. It was beautiful!

Then it was off to the shoe store to find just the right shoes to match the fancy dress. After many options and different stores, we found the right ones.

At this point, she was ready to take on the world! She was a princess in all senses of the word. It was now time for a fancy dinner date with Daddy. So, it was off to the restaurant I had in mind. It was closed. That was just my luck. However, that led us to the second option, which was by far better than the first. It was a first class dining experience that neither of us will forget. Not only was the service fantastic, but the time with Kayle was just what the two of us needed. The waiters (yeah there was a whole crew of them just for us) found out that it was Kayle’s birthday and they put together a special dessert and song for her. Birthdays are big in Peru. They were going to give her a taste of their culture. So with an unrehearsed rendition of Feliz CumpleaƱos, they put another smile on her precious face. And the dessert they gave her was worth writing home about.

So after the dinner and dessert, we went and had ice cream at our favorite place. We don’t know the name, but we both knew where it was at. It was there that we ended our evening. What a wonderful birthday for Kayle and for me, well, it was as if I was king for a day to be able to escort such a sweet princess around town. A treat for us both!


Another thing that has recently happened is that Teri and I were asked to be Padrinos for a young couple who recently got married here in Arequipa. Padrinos are not something that is a North American thing. It is somewhat of a lifelong life/marriage mentors/friends. David and Susanna have grown to be good friends. Susanna is the daughter of our pastor. David is a music teacher at Kayle and Emma’s school. We had an interesting time trying to figure out where to stand in the procession at the wedding as well as figure out what our responsibilities include. We made it through. What an honor! It makes us feel like we are connecting with the local people.


We had a wonderful American Thanksgiving dinner at our house. We invited the entire office; Peruvians and Americans. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with food and friends. Hard to beat that. We even went around the table and shared things that we were thankful for. It is pretty easy to come up with things to be thankful for. God is Good!

Stitches for Kayle

We had an incident with Kayle trying to walk on a roof of glass roofing tiles. It was sort of a challenge with her sister I think. They use glass for roofing materials in some applications here in Peru. Kayle and Emma were climbing around on the glass. Of course, Emma had no problems as she has a lot less weight on her bones. Not that Kayle is very heavy, but apparently heavy enough to break through. She sliced her foot up and had to have stitches. She is fine now, but it was a painful learning experience.

School is out!!!

With regards to Kayle and Emma, they are finishing their first year of school next week. It is exciting to see them finish and have a break from the education system they have here. One thing to note it that they have passed up Mom and Dad on their Spanish. Nothing delights a father more than to listen to them chatting with their Peruvian friends in a foreign language. What a blessing that they have endured the tough part.

10,000 guinea pigs

One interesting thing I have been doing these past few days is trying to negotiate the price of 10,000 guinea pigs (cuyes). I am having quite a time trying to decide between buying an existing farm, renting and existing farm, buying the cuyes ready to cook, buying them ready to butcher, or just banging my head against the wall till I forget what I am trying to do. It is exciting to be at this critical point in our planning, but it is a bit stressful as the total bill for the cuyes is about 37K US dollars. I have to make sure the price is as good as we can get. Keep us in your prayers as we will soon have to figure out how in the world we are going to cook all of these in a short period of time. Based on our research, we will need about 500 people to cook these little rodents. That will be another project altogether.

Upcoming projects

I just got back from Iquitos. We have a project coming up in January where we are going to have a number of medical clinics and impact/evangelism events spanning across 13 days in the jungle. This will be an awesome project. Much of the ground work has been set up. We are finishing the final touches on this as it will be here before we know it.

Final Message from the Englund’s

We have been blessed to be able to serve here in Peru for the past year. What an adventure! This has been a life altering experience that we will not soon forget. We will be spending our first Christmas outside of the US. We look forward to the change, but will miss our family and friends back in the US. God bless all of you! We pray that you are overwhelmed with the fullness of God’s joy. There is plenty of it to be had. Grab a little, smile a lot, and know that you choose to make it great.

In His care,

The Englund Family

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