Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Kinda Like Game 2 of the World Series

It’s kind of like game 2 of the world series of baseball-We won the first game! It was a great project. We sent people home on fire for missions, they had a great experience, and they went home totally wiped out.
Now, game two is beginning in about 4 hours. I had a rough night of sleep remembering things that might have not been thought of during our planning phase, wondering if I was going to sleep through the alarm to pick up Sarah at the airport at 5AM, Emma wanting to cuddle (Which wasn’t such a bad thing), and just the overall stress of directing a group of 80 or so volunteers to do kingdom work for the next 2 weeks. I am now awaiting the arrival of Ryan and Chadwick, the two community mappers that are returning back to Arequipa this AM as they have been traveling in the jungle cities of Puerto Maldonado, Iquitos, and Pucallpa. They also mapped out our new church plant locations in Cusco as well. They have tons of footage and info that we can use to feed the information starved supporters that donated thousands of dollars to plant those specific communities.
Pretty much a crazy morning and it is only 6AM! Not a problem! I am ready to get this project rolling. I know that God’s grace will provide. I look forward to seeing the results of this next project. Our team is as ready as we can be. Based on our last project, everything on our schedule should change sometime this AM. We will have to scramble and rework the entire project in just a few hours, the volunteers will not even have a clue that any of that has taken place, and the project will be a booming success. It is a very possible scenario. We can handle it. God is bigger than schedule changes, government mandates, strikes, or anything that comes our way.
Please continue to pray for our team here in Arequipa that is working diligently to make an impactful project to enhance God’s kingdom as well as provide a good value for the volunteers that are coming down to work on this project. Pray that as this group goes back home, they will have developed a passion to do full time mission for the rest of their lives. That is our goal!
I better wrap this up and get back at it. Make sure to check out our project updates at our website at There you will find all types of info, pictures, videos, and reports on what God has been doing here in Arequipa. I cannot wait to give you a final report after the project is over. Signing off…

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