Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something to pray about...

Many of you have asked about specific things to pray for. Below is a laundry list of requests and praises. Our family is certain that people all over are praying, as we are constantly feeling His presence and peace that keep us knowing that we are in God’s will. There is a battle going on all around us and we feel like we are right in the middle of it, but we do feel that God’s presence is keeping our family, all of our volunteers, as well as our project clear from the havoc that Satan is trying to cause. It may seem odd to welcome such problem and strife, but I view it as confirmation that we are damaging the work of Satan. To use a Peruvian analogy, we are playing a big soccer game. I am for sure on the right team, and Satan has a lot of talent on his side, but I have the ball and am dribbling towards the goal. There are a lot of saints back home praying for us that we score some goals and win the game. Satan wants me off the field and has asked his teammates to cheap shot me so that I might get hurt and have to leave the game. Well, it’s not going to happen. Thanks you all for your prayers. Our family feels so well surrounded by God’s presence. There have been so many things that could have taken us out of the game, but God grace is ever so present.
Please continue to pray for the following items:
-Our transition to this new life has been filled with many trials. Praise God that we have made it over many of the bigger hurdles.
-Continue to pray for our girls as they are finding and developing new friendships. Also, as they are learning in a new environment, they are encountering many difficulties.
-Please pray for our personal finances in the US. The real estate market has made it difficult to sell assets. This also goes for many of the families on our team. Most have not been able to sell their houses and are at the mercy of the market.
-Praise for our team here in Peru. We have come together in a special way. Most everyone is on the ground now. There are a few more volunteers coming, and they will need prayer for sure. As for the team on the ground, please pray that God will protect them and keep them motivated to do His work. Our team has blended so well and that is a huge praise. Nowhere in the world, I am convinced, can you have this type of talent, without normal wages, and have the productivity that our team has. It is amazing to see these wonderful people doing what God designed them to do.
-Language barriers for all of our volunteers. This is a big item that God seems to be taking care of. However, as we continue to work, it is very difficult to keep our attitudes up about our language aptitude.
-We still have a few positions to fill. We need a few more 40/40 church plant missionaries as well as a couple more 40/40 cluster support families. These are vital to our project. Without these, there will be many less churches planted and many less people that will be impacted.
-Our first batch of 40/40’s and their cluster support family have arrived in Iquitos(the jungle), to start their 6 months of mission training. This is an intensive and rigorous training schedule and will surely take its toll on our people. Pray that God will keep those young people safe and spirits high as they have faced and will face many more trials.
-Pray for each of our events. We have 4 major events coming up. Pray for the planning and immense amount of details that need to be tackled. God is good and will surely provide.
-Rumble in the Jungle-pray that we can provide a safe and effective way for youth to serve in a capacity that breeds a desire to become lifelong missionaries for Gods kingdom. Pray for safety of the team as they will be fighting against the enemy in many different ways.
-Family Zone-pray that the details of all of the events of this project will play out to be effective for planting churches and changing lives in Cusco.
-Love Extreme-This has grown to be the most dynamic project ever tackled by our group. We believe that our event is going to jumpstart a church planting movement throughout southern Peru. God has blessed us with the creativity to come up with an amazing event. However, with this creativity, there is a realistic side as well. Funding such an enormous project is well beyond our power. The amount of details is well beyond our abilities. There is no way, without His divine help, that we can even come close to accomplishing such a huge task. However, we are confident that His grace will provide everything we need. Pray for our team as we labor to get the details ironed out as well as provide us with the creativity and wisdom to tie people into our project through their generosity, even when times are extremely difficult for many.
-We need three motorcycles for the Love Extreme event. We have had some people come together and donate the funds necessary to purchase one and half motorcycles. Pray that God would provide the other one and a half motorcycles. Once the bikes are used in the event, they will be sold to cover a little bit of the cost of the event. Having the Christian freestyle motocross show will be a huge draw of people for our event. We believe that the FMX show alone will draw in excess of 10,000 people. That is a lot of opportunity for the Gospel to be heard. Pray that our event will reach hordes of people that will make decisions to follow His way.
-Pray that God will provide the funds necessary to purchase 10,000 guinea pigs. This sounds crazy, but without the guinea pigs, it will be very difficult to draw the population that we desire for this mega event. Our reason for the large quantity is that we are going to establish a Guinness World Record for the largest guinea pig lunch.
-Pray for the people that will be presenting the Gospel during our events
-Vivian, the gal that we have helped free from the life of prostitution is moving to Arequipa and will join our team in the area of Impact and logistics. Please pray for her transition and her discipleship with a couple of the local women here in Arequipa.
-Praise that our new website is up and running. This has been a huge project and the first phase has been launched. http://www.extremenazarene.org/.
-General Assembly is coming up shortly. Pray that we can reach thousands with our mission projects and opportunities and that many churches will jump on board with what we are doing in Peru.
-Pray for the general safety of our people as we travel throughout the church plant locations in Peru.

We thank you for all of your prayers. We are so encouraged and honored to be on this team doing this mission. God is Good!
The Englunds

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