Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello all!

We are about 3 months into this crazy adventure here in Peru. So far, we have not died, been kidnapped, killed anyone else, nor have we spent any nights in jail. Those are all good things as far as I can tell.
Many of you have asked about how we are doing. We truly appreciate your concern. Your prayers are felt and we are sure that God is answering prayers in which we are not even aware. He is definitely good.

Our ministry here is really starting to get rolling. Teri and I have only two more days of Spanish School left. We both feel like we have a long way to go to be able to speak really well, but right now we both feel adequate in our new language that we can have a conversation with another person. We can get around town, ask for directions, have simple meetings, and be able to read the signs and even be funny at times whether it is on purpose or not.

Our projects are taking shape right before our eyes. Some new and exciting things that have recently taken place is that we have purchased the first real estate for our 40/40 cluster support housing in Puerto Maldonado and we have secured the facilities for housing our groups here in Arequipa. We have a lot more to do, but it is se exciting to see things rolling. Once our language school is done this week, our days will be devoted to the mission project and not just cramming our heads full of Spanish.

We have been enjoying our first group of 40/40 missionaries that have recently arrived here in Arequipa for language school. We have a solid group of young people that are on fire for the work that God has asked them to do. You will surely hear more about the 40/40’s as time goes on. They are the church planters that will be supported by this huge project. Everything we are doing here is to support their work in planting 120 churches throughout the country of Peru. These young missionaries are Rock Stars for Jesus, and I am excited to be able to work with them.

Our time here has been full of getting used to things such as culture, food, new areas, language, and things to do. We have been having fun exploring the city and its surroundings. There is a lot more to explore. We have yet to climb El Misti, but rest assured that is on the list. It is only 19K + feet and a little thin on oxygen.

We have had a few funny things happen. I am not sure if you all have heard about my recent haircut, but here is a picture of the end result. Let's just say that I forgot to put the guard on the clippers before Kayle went to town on my head. A lesson learned. Checkout my Facebook page for more details and the real video. Kayle, Emma, and I also went on an adventure with Andrew Kendall(one of the 40/40's). See some of the video results of that on Facebook as well. For our day to day stuff, Facebook is the best place to go. We continue to post new stuff on that quite often. Check it out if you want a view into the life of the Englunds.

Kayle and Emma say “Que pasa?” to all their friends back home reading this. They are doing good. School has been getting easier day by day, but it is still a tough transition. They are really picking up a lot of words and don’t realize that they are learning another language. It is really neat to see how they are progressing.

Teri has been putting in a bunch of time helping with the school work for the girls. They have an enormous amount of homework each night. Teri works with Kayle and Emma by translating some of their homework and helping them with understanding the subjects, and just overall motivation. She is a real trooper. The girls are working really hard and it shows. Please keep Teri in your prayers as it is very difficult to do what she is doing each day and night.

God is keeping us moving forward. We are excited to be where we are doing the work that He has given us to do. Please keep us in your prayers. There are many more stories to come. Things are just now getting exciting. Know that you are in our prayers and we miss you all.

Hasta Luego
From the Englund family

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