Monday, March 16, 2009

A little note from a little missionary in Arequipa Peru

Hello, this is Emma! You know, Emma Englund. Missionary in Peru, remember me? I know it has been a long time but I have not forgotten any of you. My daddy was snoring so loud that it woke me up. I thought I would sneak out to the living room while Mommy and Daddy were sleeping and write an email. I am so excited about living in Peru that I had to tell someone about it.
The name of my school is Vencedor. It stands for WINNER. My teacher, Ms Gila says that we are all winners in Christ. I think she is right. Daddy and Mommy have been praying every day that I will begin to enjoy school and that I will make friends. I am so excited that I have two friends. One is named Bombara. I also have another friend called Validia. It is so much funner now. School is really hard for me, but Daddy says it will just keep getting easier. My sister and me are really having fun here in Arequipa. Mommy and Daddy are in school too. Daddy likes to talk funny sometimes. He seems to be talking funny more and more. It is really funny when Mommy and Daddy talk funny. Me and Kayle just giggle. It’s OK. I always thought Mommy and Daddy were a little cookoo. I love em anyways.

Daddy just got us a car. It is really cool. I don’t have to use a car seat any more, but I still have to wear my seatbelt. I even have a seatbelt for my baby Emma. Our car is really small, but it is just right for our family.

Mommy and Daddy keep telling us about the people back home that are helping us live here in Peru. I don’t really understand it all, but it sure is nice to be able to be here in Arequipa. Daddy always comes home from the office excited about something and cannot wait to tell Mom. He’s kind of crazy! He really likes it here too.
My Mommy is super helpful with my homework. I never had this much homework at my school in Idaho. I guess these kids here don’t like to play as much because they are always doing homework instead.

One thing that is really tough for me is that they talk funny here. For some reason, when I ask for something, they just look at me with a funny smile. But nothing ever happens. It is really weird. I am learning about how they talk. Hopefully soon I will be able to talk funny too.

At church, there sure aren’t many kids. Mommy and Daddy keep telling Kayle and me to invite all our friends from school so that our Sunday School class will grow. I am not sure how that will work, but I will try. They sing songs funny at church too. For some reason, the songs sound the same, but they don’t use the right words. It is really strange, but I guess they will figure out the right words as long as they keep practicing. Daddy says that with practice anyone can be better. I sing really loud so that the rest of the church can hear the right words. I will keep trying. I guess I will give it some time.

Uh oh! Daddy stopped snoring! I better be quiet and get back in my bed or else. I don’t think he would put me on a time out at this time of night, but I don’t want to make him mad. That is never fun. Before I go, I wanted to say gracias for helping us be missionaries. Mommy and Daddy say that God always provides. It is kind of neat that God doesn’t have to do anything because so many other people are helping us instead. I still thank God because Mommy and Daddy taught me that God provides everything we need. Maybe God is helping others help us. God sure is a smart fella. Well anyways, I gotta get going before Daddy catches me. See you later alligator.


P.S. Oh yeah, and we got a present in the mail. It was full of goodies. I am not sure who thought of sending us skittles, but that was really fun. I didn’t know they had two Christmas’s in Peru. I really love this place.

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