Monday, December 15, 2008

The Anticipation

This week holds so much anticipation for our family. So many of our big decision are all coming down to this week.

We have pending issues with Scott's business that should be decided upon on Wednesday! ( a major blessing and HUGE prayer request!)

We will be deciding what items to take to Peru with us. Hopefully we will be bring things that will be useful and bring us comfort through all the changes in store for us.

We are still waiting on God's answer concerning our property, our home and the cabin we have. So far we do not have a clear answer as to how these will be handled while we are away. (I know that God will come through for us in just the right time)

Some amazing answers to prayer:

We will be taking our dogs to California to live with Scott's Parents. This was an important answer to prayer espoecially for Kayle. She had been in tears over who was going to care for our dogs when we leave. It was precious to see her reaction as she learned that God had answered her prayers. We have some incredible children.

We had someone steal our posthole auger at the barn and they had been busy trying to knock down our big barn doors to see what else they might like. We were concerned about how to guard against future loss. We were totally overwhelmed with the support of our friends help with this situation. We have some fencing that our friends are going to buy from us. This helps to remove items of value out of the barn. Praise God. We also will be able to store our tractor somewhere else so it won't be a sitting duck out there. God is bringing people forward to help in all these situations.

We have had so many of people at Karcher that have joined with our family to support us with prayer and finances. This last week we were beyond blessed by the confirmation God has sent through all of you.

We really felt blessed after the Sunday evening Send Off Service at Karcher. It was a big blessing at just the right time. We were feeling really defeated by the news of the barn and the theft. We were really feeling the negative pressure on us so severely that it was difficult to stay focused on God. We were lifted up Sunday night by the overwhelming support and love from our church family. It was perfect.

We know that we are in a battle. The Lord wants to use us and the enemy wants to defeat us. It is an amazing place to be in. We thank you for praying for our family. We have felt your prayers. Please remember us this week as it is a big one for our family.

The girls are in there final week of school. Kayle has been at this school since Kindergarten. She has many friends that she will be saying goodbye too. It is starting to get difficult for her. We are praying for her tender heart.

Emma has been at the school for 2 years now and has several friends too. She has not yet expressed being sad about leaving her school. She is concerned about leaving all her stuffed animals behind. She is 6. It is a big deal to her. I know that God with give her the strength to get through this hard part for her.

Again our family thanks you for your love and support. This is just an update of our life in the last couple of weeks. I apologize that it might not be formatted perfectly, or the thoughts organized very well. I wanted to be able to give you a quick glimpse into some of the things that are happening with our family.

Thank you from Scott, Teri, Kayle & Emma Englund

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Tracy said...

We are praying for your family as you get settled in Peru! We look forward to joining you soon!
~Tyson, Tracy & Kai