Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Preparing for Peru

We are busy getting things ready for the big move. Last week, we were looking to buy an enclosed trailer to haul and store our remaining things in while we were in Peru. Scott had in mind what he considered the perfect choice; something with a ramp door, around 12 feet long, a man door, and of course it would be great if it looked nice. I thought it made sense, but was concerned about how much all of that would cost. Scott and I saw a smaller, less desirable trailer that I was thinking made more sense financially. I asked Scott to consider it. He did, but I could tell that he was hesitant about buying it. I asked him to pray about it because it looked like the best option for us. That afternoon he prayed about it. Later in the day he decided to look on Craig's list to see if there were any new trailers. He found one that was exactly what he wanted and for a really good price. He jumped on it immediately and it is now happily in our back yard. Thanks God!

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